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StarCraft II 5.0.10 Hotfix Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.10 Hotfix Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.10 Hotfix has arrived which contains a number of co-op bugfixes that were gathered by the community.



  • Biomass and Essence drops now properly scale on some non-English locales.
  • Fenix Conclave AI Research animations are now properly displayed on some non-English locales.
  • Graviton Warp Catapult description now states actual 33% attack speed increase for all locales.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where Gateways could automatically transform into Warpgates after Warpgate Research completion, even if a unit was in production.
  • Units with the "Frenzied" passive no longer get stunned with Stank's Headbutt, Hunterling's Leap Attack and stun abilities from Void Shards and Slivers.


  • Amon
    • Hybrid Dominator Plasma Blast no longer hits targeted units in Nova's Tactical Airlift and in Tychus' Medivac Airlift.
    • Hybrid Plasma Blast no longer can damage Nova though Stance Dance invulnerability.
    • Structures in Stasis by Hybrid Nemesis are no longer damaged and get killed by Hybrid Dominator Plasma Blast.
    • Volatile Infested no longer can walk through Alarak's Force Fields.
  • Abathur
    • Fixed an issue where Units on the Essence Hoarder (P1) prestige that had collected between 25 and 100 biomass could cap at 105 Biomass if they picked up a Biomass drop that would had maxed their Biomass.
    • Toxic Nests can no longer be placed on top of Swann Flaming Betties.
    • Toxic Nests can now properly be drag selected, or Ctrl+Click selected, or double-click selected.
    • Burrowed Swarm Hosts and Unburrowed Swarm Hosts are no longer treated as different units when control-clicked.
  • Alarak
    • Alarak can no longer kill units inside bunkers with auto attacks with Empower Me active.
    • Alarak health siphon from killing enemy units no longer gets removed by Point Defense Drones.
    • Havocs now properly benefit from Vorazun's Veil of Shadows passive.
    • Fixed an issue with Tyrant Ascendant playing unintended voice lines.
    • Mutators
      • Amon heroes Raynor, Tychus and Dehaka no longer can walk through Alarak's force fields.
      • Structure Overcharge can no longer target units with Polarity even though it cannot damage them.
  • Artanis
    • Fixed an issue with starting Project Power Field placement.
    • Arkship Commandant Unbound Fanatics now properly spawn if Orbital Strikes are targeted on top of structures or sieged Siege Tanks.
    • Mutators
      • Arkship Commandant Unbound Fanatics Plasma Waves with Double Edged, can no longer kill themselves when they deal damage.
  • Dehaka
    • Point Defense Drones can no longer block Impaler attacks.
    • Point Defense Drones can no longer block Murvar's attacks and her Locusts from spawning.
    • Devouring psionic unit with Devouring One, can no longer create multiple explosions.
    • Fixed an issue with the range buff for devouring an air units with Devouring One.
    • Mutators
      • Fixed an issue where Dakrun and Tyrannozors could instantly get killed when Double-Edged was active.
  • Fenix
    • Cloaked Disruptors now properly benefit from Vorazun's Veil Shadows passive.
    • Fixed an issue where Fenix could lose while Purifier Conclave is alive.
    • Fixed an issue where Broken Purifier Conclave could get repaired by Karax Repair Beam resulting in it becoming targetable earlier than repair progress completed.
  • Han & Horner
    • Assault Galleons in construction are no longer treated as units.
    • Fixed an issue where Mag Mines could multiply the damage for every unit near center of its target when hitting clumped up units.
    • SCV's can now proplery stop construction.
    • Fixed an issue with Stronger Death Chance mastery.
    • SCV's constructing Assault Galleons can now properly be issued commands to stop construction.
    • Fixed an issue with Horner's voice line for Strike Fighter Platforms.
    • Mutators
      • Widow Mines can no longer lock on and fire at units in Polarity.
  • Karax
    • Chrono Wave no longer increases the production of all Nexuses under construction including allies.
    • Mutators
      • Fixed an issue where Temporal Field could make Sentinels unable to die while Reconstruction was available.
  • Kerrigan
    • Desolate Queen Kerrigan's Kinetic Blasts no longer get blocked by Point Defense Drones.
    • Fixed an issue where Raptor Zerglings could be counted towards Units Made count, when they leap.
    • Immobilization Wave now properly deals expected 200 with 30 points into the Augmented Immobilization Wave Mastery.
    • Mutators
      • Fixed an issue where Temporal Field could make Torrasque Ultralisk unable to die while resurrection was available.
  • Mengsk
    • Aegis Guard at Rank 2 no longer ignores Frenzied for its Slow debuff.
    • Blackhammer in Overwatch mode no longer can hit ground units below targeted air unit.
    • Emperor's Shadows now properly autocasts Labyrinth Cloak when taking damage.
    • Fixed an issue where Troopers might not drop using Drop Pods if there was a structure at the waypoint.
    • Fixed an issue with Mengsk's voice line for Attack Wave Incoming and Make Detection.
  • Nova
    • Fixed an issue where Automated Refineries could mine at a slower rate compared to Orbital Assimilators.
    • Fixed an issue where Nova Soldier of Fortune production buff could only apply if at least one charge was used.
  • Raynor
    • Hyperion no longer keeps firing when cocooned by the Slayn Elemental.
    • Fixed an issue where Orbital Command Centers could be excluded from Vorazun's Emergency Recall, allowing cloaked Raynor units to become invulnerable.
    • Mutators
      • Hyperion no longer attacks units in Polarity.
      • Hyperion no longer keeps firing when pulled by Fatal Attraction.
  • Stetmann
    • Mecha Hydralisks' JUICED Payload is now properly affected by attack upgrades.
    • Mecha Ultralisks' Mecha Mooch Module can no longer drain life from friendly mechanical objectives.
    • Point Defense Drones now properly shoot down Super Gary's attacks.
    • Fixed an issue with Stemann's voice line for Upgrade Gary.
  • Stukov
    • Infested Barracks, Factories and Starports now properly get Chrono Field, can be Chrono Boosted, and can be affected by Chrono Wave.
    • The Plagued Munitions upgrade no longer increases Infested Bunker life regeneration rate.
    • Infested Diamondbacks are now properly affected by the Mech Attack Speed mastery.
    • Volatile Infested dropped by Infested Tanks on death no longer costs supply.
    • Stukov can now properly root buildings in the fog of war.
  • Swann
    • Fixed an issue where Wraith's Gemini Missiles could get buff from Pulse Amplifier depending on Move command instead of unit speed.
    • Fixed an issue with SCV's auto construction AI being unpredictable.
  • Vorazun
    • Void Shade units on Scythe of Amon now can be mind-controlled by Dark Archons.
    • Veil of Shadows Shield Regen passive now properly works on Oracles.
    • Disruption Web can no longer be autocasted on targets in stasis.
    • Centurions with the Dark Coil upgrade can no longer stun Ultralisks with the Frenzied buff on them.
    • Void Stasis on Dark Templars now properly works on Hybrids.
    • Void Thrashers now properly can be stunned with Centurions.
  • Zagara
    • Apex Predator Zagara now properly gets the Frenzy as stated in the Prestige description.
    • Fixed an issue where Scourge could not appear on the units lost/made tabs in observer interfaces.
    • Scourge Nests now can be set rally points until construction is complete.
  • Zeratul
    • Enforcers' anti-air attacks now properly get blocked by Point Defense Drones.
    • Serdath and Dark Archon Maelstrom no longer affects structures.
    • Fixed an issue where Zeratul had to pass through Dark Pylon cloaking field to gain Vorazun's Veil of Shadows passive.
    • Void Apparitions are no longer counted towards Units Made count.


  • Lock and Load
    • The Xel'Naga Construct can no longer hit units in transports.
  • Miner Evacuation
    • Fixed an issue where wrong enemy race voice lines could be played.
  • Oblivion Express
    • Fixed an issue where Train Carriages that were stasis'ed by Withering Siphon Vorazun's Dark Templars could get destroyed upon reaching the exit, destroying the entire train and counting for objective completion.
  • Void Launch
    • Leviathan ground attack effect now properly disappears once Leviathan is killed.
  • Part and Parcel
    • Parts can now properly be collected during Time Stop.
    • Hybrids on Part and Parcel can no longer teleport onto unpathable terrain where preventing them from being attacked by melee units.


  • Double-Edged now properly heals at listed 10 HP/s.
  • Heroes from the Storm Dehaka spawning mini Dehakas no longer can be prevented by Point Defense Drones.
  • Fixed an issue where Minesweeper mines could be killed instead of being removed at the start of the game to fit within safety zone constraints. This could cause an issue when Alien Incubation, Void Reanimators, Walking Infested was active.
  • Moment of Silence no longer pauses Protoss Warp-ins while the debuff lasts.
  • Mutually Assured Destruction no longer overides Moment of Silence on Hybrid death.

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