StarCraft II

StarCraft II 4.12.0 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.12.0 Patch Notes


  • The War Chest 6 has been added in preparation for its global launch on June 11, PDT.
    • Play StarCraft II to unlock XP for the War Chest and gain access to over 100 new items including army-wide skins, sprays, emoticons, exclusive portraits, and a Co-op XP boost.
    • Purchasing the War Chest Complete Bundle grants you a special random race Broken World banner in StarCraft II, plus a Tal’darim Probe Pet in Diablo III, a Hearthstone Classic Card Pack, and a Heroes of the Storm rare Loot Chest. In addition, purchasing any War Chest Skin Bundle will grant you an immediate access to Ranked play.
    • Also, throughout the duration of the War Chest 6, players will be able to unlock free rewards, including classic StarCraft: Remastered skins for Command Center, Hatchery, and Nexus, with no additional purchase necessary.
  • 2020 Ladder Season 2 has started with Patch 4.12.0. Learn more about the Season 2 Ladder maps in our blog.


  • Terran
    • Widow Mine
      • Drilling Claws upgrade no longer grants burrowed Widow Mines invisibility while reloading. Instead, the existence of an Armory will grant burrowed Widow Mines invisibility while reloading.
      • The red laser attachment for Widow Mines will now communicate the existence of an Armory instead of the completion of the Drilling Claws upgrade.
  • Zerg
    • Queen
      • Anti-air weapon range decreased from 8 to 7.
    • Baneling
      • Weapon damage changed from 20 (+15 vs light) to 18 (+17 vs light).
    • Infestor
      • Microbial Shroud no longer requires an upgrade.
    • Creep Tumor
      • “Armored” attribute removed.
      • “Light” attribute added.
  • Protoss
    • Nexus
      • New ability: “Battery Overcharge”
        • Effect: Overcharges a target Shield Battery near a Nexus, increasing its shield restoration rate by 100% and allowing it to restore shields without consuming energy for 14 seconds.
        • Cost: 50 Energy
        • Cooldown: 60 seconds (shared by all Nexuses)
        • Range: Unlimited (the target Battery must be within range 8 of any friendly Nexus)
    • Oracle
      • Revelation energy cost decreased from 50 to 25.
      • Revelation cooldown increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Revelation duration decreased from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • High Templar
      • Feedback range increased from 9 to 10.


  • Co-op Missions
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where Brutal+ and - players are able to queue for Weekly Mutations on Brutal+1 difficulty.
    • Commanders
      • Mengsk
        • The Emperor's Shadow's EMP Blast now properly drain all energy on Battlecruisers and Hybrid Dominators.
  • Versus
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where a Rich Vespene Geyser would show up as two Vespene Geysers in the production tab while observing a match.
      • Fixed an issue where a Spore Crawler's footprint incorrectly appeared in the editor.
      • Fixed an issue where the Shield Battery's shadow was visible while the structure was cloaked.
      • Fixed an issue where hallucinations were dealing damage to targets affected by the Raven's Anti-Armor missile.
      • Fixed an issue where you can see the enemy Adept's Shade complete in the fog of war.
      • The Widow Mine's Concealment button was updated with new art.
      • Fixed an issue where a Battery Overcharged Shield Battery would not auto-cast if it had too low energy.
      • The Shield Battery's pre-placement image will now change colors when it's within range of a Nexus for the Battery Overcharge ability.
      • Fixed an issue where the morphing creep tumor’s attribute was armored instead of light.
      • Fixed an issue where players could no longer earn the Infested Terror achievement.
    • Maps
      • Flashback LE
        • Setup team placement locations for 1v1 and 2v2 matches.
      • Ice and Chrome LE
        • Fixed an issue where the map info screenshot was displaying doodad selection arrows.
      • Pillars of Gold LE
        • Removed shrub vision from certain areas on the map.
      • Purity and Industry LE
        • Removed "disallow creep" in areas that were unintended.
        • Fixed an issue where the pathing did not match the terrain in a certain area.
        • Fixed an issue where a Reaper could jump into an unintended area.
      • Zen LE
        • Updated doodads on the map to improve visibility for burrowed Widow Mines in certain areas.

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