StarCraft II

2020 Season 1 Versus Update

2020 Season 1 Versus Update


  • Adjusted the threshold at which mineral nodes visual change as they get mined over the course of the game. As a result, the starting 900-value mineral nodes should look more visually distinct from the starting 1800-value mineral nodes.
  • Removed the “stop” and “attack” buttons from the Pylon’s command card in the hotkey menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Neosteel Armor upgrade was not affecting Refineries built on rich vespene geysers.


  • General
    • Updated tournament logo position and orientation on all 1v1 maps and prevented foliage from appearing over them as well.
  • Arctic Dream LE
    • Fixed an issue where units could be hidden by certain doodads.
  • Ephemeron LE
    • Fixed an issue where a critter had a custom name on the map.
  • Everdream LE
    • Increased the size of the Reaper ramp.
    • Repositioned the location of the Overlord scout platform near the natural.
    • Adjusted the terrain and pathing near third base to make it less open.
    • Adjusted terrain and pathing to weaken certain Photon Cannon rush locations near the main ramps.
    • Lowered a cliff to prevent units from being hidden behind.
    • Added doodads to certain unpathable areas.
  • Golden Wall LE
    • Adjusted the terrain and pathing to make the top part of the map less open.
    • Added unpathable areas in certain locations to prevent units from being hidden by cliffs from a higher terrain level.
    • Adjusted terrain and pathing to prevent Photon Cannon wall-off strategies in certain areas.
    • Updated textures in certain areas to be more consistent.
    • Lowered certain doodads to prevent clipping with air units.
    • Repositioned light doodads that were floating or misplaced.
    • Updated the minerals and vespene geysers at the main base to be Protoss themed.
    • Removed some areas that had “disallow creep” incorrectly.
    • Adjusted rock doodads to prevent units from clipping into them.
    • Repositioned certain doodads to clarify pathing.
    • Added missing trims on certain ramps.
    • Updated textures in certain areas.
    • Updated fog on the map for better visibility.
    • Updated map info screenshots.
  • Purity and Industry LE
    • Adjusted the position of the unbuildable plate and the pathing around the main ramp to prevent wall-off strategies.
    • Updated pathing to match the terrain in certain areas.
  • Simulacrum LE
    • Added high ground terrain in front of the linear third base to narrow the entrance.
    • Shortened the bridge in front of the triangle third base location and added destructible rocks nearby.
    • Reduced the size of the ramp at the forward base and added rocks to a nearby ramp.
    • Updated map info screenshots.
  • Zen LE
    • Repositioned the ramp that leads out from the natural base to make the natural base more defensible.
    • Repositioned reduced mineral fields, adjusted pathing, and added some doodads to make the natural base more defensible.
    • Added unpathable terrain and doodads near the fourth base expansion to make it more defensible.
    • Updated map info screenshots.

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