StarCraft II

StarCraft II 4.11.4 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.11.4 Patch Notes


  • War Chest 5 Skin Bundles are now available for purchase.
    • Terran Tyrador Units Bundle
    • Zerg Cerberus Units Bundle
    • Protoss Ihan-rii Units Bundle
  • All previous War Chest skin set bundles have been made available for purchase in the Featured section of Collection.
    • Terran Special Forces Units Bundle
    • Terran Mira’s Marauders Units Bundle
    • Terran Umojan Units Bundle
    • Terran Special Forces Structures Bundle
    • Zerg Leviathan Brood Units Bundle
    • Zerg Primal Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Structures Bundle
    • Protoss Forged Units Bundle
    • Protoss Purifier Units Bundle
    • Protoss Golden Age Units Bundle
    • Protoss Forged Structures Bundle
  • War Chest 5 “Classic” unit skins have now been made available for purchase.
    • Classic Marine
    • Classic Hydralisk
    • Classic Zealot


  • Abathur
    • The Bloated Bile Ducts upgrade now increases impact size by 200%, up from 100%.
    • The Potent Bile upgrade now increases damage by 40, up from 20.
  • Alarak
    • The Matter Dispersion upgrade now increases the splash radius of the Vanguard's attack by 50%, up from 30%.
    • Wrathwalker weapon range increased from 9 to 11.
    • The Rapid Power Cycling upgrade now decreases the Wrathwalker's weapon speed by 0.5 in addition to its current functionality.
  • Fenix
    • Increased the Disruptor's selection priority.
    • Purification Nova cooldown decreased from 30 to 20.
  • Han & Horner
    • Galleon cost decreased from 200 minerals to 150 minerals.
    • W.I.L.D. Missiles damage increased from 15(25 vs armored) to 25(40 vs armored).
    • Imaging Radar radius increased from 25 to 40.
    • Widow Mine cost changed from 75/25 to 100/0.
    • Decreased the Widow Mine's selection priority.
    • Decreased the Hellion/Hellbat's selection priority.
    • Wildfire Explosives now increases movement speed by 50%, up from 30%.
    • Immolation Fluid damage increased from 25 to 50.
  • Karax
    • Karax's level 1 talent now grants all combat units gain 50% increased Life.
    • Combat Unit Resource Cost Mastery replaced with Combat Unit Life and Shields Mastery. This Mastery increases combat unit Life and Shields by 1% per point, up to a maximum of 30%.
    • Purifier Beam cooldown decreased from 450 seconds to 360 seconds.
    • Phase Detonation research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Solar Flare research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Enhanced Targeting research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Optimized Ordnance research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Reclamation research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Fire Beam research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.
    • Shadow Cannon research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Phasing Armor research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.
    • Shadow Cannon damage increased from 200 to 320.
  • Kerrigan
    • The Porous Cartilage upgrade now increases Brood Lord health by 100HP in addition to its current functionality.
  • Mengsk
    • The Sky Fury's Evasive Maneuvers dodge chance increased from 30% to 50%.
    • The Sky Fury's Phoenix Protocol damage absorption increased from 200 to 400.
    • Picking up sieged Shock Divisions and Blackhammers with Imperial Intercessors no longer disables Ignite Afterburners.
  • Nova
    • Increased the Spec Ops Ghost's selection priority.
  • Stukov
    • Overlords gain the Generate Creep ability.
    • Infested Bunker cost increased from 350 to 400.
    • Infested Bunker supply cost decreased from 6 to 4.
    • Evolve Infestation Level 1 cost decreased from 400/0 to 200/0.
    • Evolve Infestation Level 2 cost decreased from 400/200 to 300/100.
    • Reworked the Diamondback's attack such that it no longer has a variable backswing. This should drastically increase its attack speed.
  • Swann
    • Swann's level 1 talent now removes the gas cost from Armories.
    • Advanced Optics research cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.
    • Defensive Matrix research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.
    • Magfield Accelerator now increases Cyclone Lock-On damage by 100%, up from 50%.
    • Barrage Cannon channel time decreased from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Barrage Cannon cooldown decreased from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • The Pulse Amplifier ability now checks for a minimal movement speed instead of an active command move to activate.
  • Vorazun
    • Strike from the Shadows bonus energy regeneration increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Zagara
    • Bile Launcher base range increased from 13 to 15.
    • The Artillery Ducts upgrade now increases Bile Launcher range to 25, up from 22.
  • Zeratul
    • Tesseract Cannon cost decreased from 400 to 300.



  • Fixed an issue that was enabling chat and custom map publishing on accounts that did not meet the requirements.


  • Wings of Liberty
    • Fixed an issue where the user could be blocked from entering cell block B on Mission "Breakout."

Co-op Missions

  • Han & Horner
    • W.I.L.D. missiles can no longer target friendly units.
  • Mengsk
    • Fixed a bug where EMP Blast did not affect heroic enemies.
    • Fixed a bug where the Pride of Augustgrad did too little damage.
  • Stukov
    • The Diamondback's attack will now interact correctly with Vorazun's Strike from the Shadows talent.
    • The Diamondback's attack will now interact correctly with Mech Attack Speed mastery.
    • The Diamondback's attack will no longer ignore armor.
  • Tychus
    • Updated Reinvigorating Burst's tooltip to reflect that it increases ability damage.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where an Adept's Phase Shift ability could improperly cancel a Phoenix's Graviton Beam.
    • Fixed an issue where a Battlecruiser would not fire its weapon when issued a queued Yamato command.
    • Fixed an issue where an enemy Lurker would not attack after becoming affected by Neural Parasite.
    • Fixed an issue where Neural Parasite would interrupt a Yamato Cannon shot.
    • Fixed an issue where Ultralisks weren’t receiving speed buffs in the Acceleration Zones.
  • Maps
    • Ephemeron LE
      • Fixed the minerals at the main base so that the closest mineral nodes have higher values than the farther mineral nodes.
    • Inhibitor Zone & Acceleration Zone Generators
      • Created new flying versions of the Inhibitor and Acceleration Zone Generators that can be used over zero-level terrain to help improve performance on maps.

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