StarCraft II

StarCraft II 4.9.3 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.9.3 Patch Notes
  • Made improvements to in-game network protocol which will result in smoother multiplayer games.
  • Chat actions sent through the SC2API can now activate Trigger and Galaxy events.

  • Tweaked names and descriptions of various Co-op Missions attack waves.
  • Guardians spawned by Amon will now be more consistent with their stats in the original StarCraft.
  • Added the Massive attribute to Amon’s Guardians.
  • Cradle of Death reworked:
    • Main objective timer starts with 30 additional seconds on all difficulties.
    • Main objective timer gains 30 additional seconds after completing an objective on all difficulties.
    • Reduced the build time of trucks from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Trucks are no longer consumed when completing a bonus objective.
    • The bonus objective timer is now paused while the corresponding construct is disabled and for 5 seconds after it dies.
    • Truck speed increased from 2.25 to 2.5.
    • Trucks now floors it when the main objectives have been cleared, moving 50% faster.
    • Replaced some Constructs from the second bonus objective with non-Construct units.

  • Dehaka
    • Fixed an issue where Dehaka could bypass ability learning level requirements.
  • Fenix
    • Fenix’s energy no longer drains when Stetmann’s Stetzone configuration is changed.
  • Stetmann
    • Hardened Energy Shield is now only activated when taking 10+ damage.
    • The Mecha Lurker Den now has the default hotkey “D”, which can be reconfigured under Hotkey settings.
    • Fixed an issue where Stetellites would not become deactivated when enemy Carriers attacked them.
  • Zeratul
    • Legion calldowns now properly attack enemy units while Vorazun's Timestop is in effect.
  • Mutators
    • Sentries will no longer evolve after casting Force Field with the Transmutation mutator active.
    • The Mecha Zerg rush no longer appears when Stetmann's structures are taken over by the Eminent Domain mutator.
    • The Nukes from the Going Nuclear mutator no longer damage workers, town halls, or geysers on Oblivion Express.

  • Building doodads near the main base locations were adjusted to prevent units from hiding within on Acropolis LE.
  • The opponent can no longer see Battlecruiser’s Tactical Jump ability visual effects being cast through the fog of war if they have units nearby.
  • Added new opaque mineral nodes that won't become invisible or transparent when an unit enters nearby line of sight blockers:
    • Mineral Field (Opaque)
    • Mineral Field (Opaque 900)

  • The Void and Swarm Standard Dependencies now properly appear under Add Standard option.

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