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StarCraft II Balance Update – March 25, 2019

StarCraft II Balance Update – March 25, 2019

We’re releasing a balance update for Versus that affects Forge and Cybernetics Core upgrade times, and Nydus Worms. The following changes are now live, including bug fixes.


  • The Testing tab is now disabled.


  • Forge/Cybernetics Core
    • Level 1 upgrade times increased by 15 seconds.
    • Level 2 upgrade times increased by 18 seconds.
    • Level 3 upgrade times increased by 22 seconds.


  • Nydus Worm
    • Nydus Worms now have 3 armor, down from 5, while under construction.


  • Fixed an issue where the Nexus could gain additional energy from the effects of Chronoboost.
  • Mineral values are now consistent on all bases in Port Aleksander LE.
  • Updated the tooltip for Time Warp to include reduced attack speed information.

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