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Legacy of the Void Balance Update -- March 8, 2017

Legacy of the Void Balance Update -- March 8, 2017

In recent weeks, we've been assessing several slight changes to Multiplayer balance. As we've stated before, our overall goal in doing this has been to reach a place of ultimate gameplay stability, enabling players to truly master the game's many units, builds, strategies, and metagames. After seeing how these changes should affect the game, and continuing to monitor known areas for improvement, we're prepared to move forward today with several minor changes to Multiplayer balance which we hope will shift the game more towards our goal. Thank you for all your feedback over the past few months in helping come up with these changes.


  • Reaper
    • KD8 Charge cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 14 seconds
  • Widow Mine
    • Splash damage +shield bonus reduced from +40 to +25


  • Hydralisk
    • Health increased from 80 to 90
  • Corruptor
    • Movement speed changed from 4.1343 to 4.725
    • Acceleration speed changed from 3.675 to 4.2
    • Parasite Spore weapon damage point changed from .1193 to .0446

If you're interested in the StarCraft II Balance Team's reasoning behind each change, take a look through some of the recent Community Feedback Updates for more information!

We truly appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from the community. Your feedback and playtesting helped shape this update, and we hope you’ll continue to participate in future balance testing. Until next time, we hope you enjoy these changes!

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