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StarCraft II
Jun 4

StarCraft II 4.9.1 Patch Notes

Patch 4.9.1 is now live, and check out the details here!
StarCraft II
May 23

StarCraft II 4.9.0 Patch Notes

Patch 4.9.0 has arrived with a brand new Co-op commander, Co-op Missions balance updates, Vorazun Twitch Prime offer and more!
StarCraft II
May 7

Welcome to Season 2 of WCS Challenger

Regional glory awaits in the second season of 2019.
StarCraft II
Apr 25

WCS at BlizzCon 2019

All matches in one day, back in the Arena.
Apr 25

Welcome to BlizzCon® 2019!

BlizzCon® is returning to the Anaheim Convention Center on November 1 and 2, and tickets go on sale in two waves on May 4 and May 9. Here’s everything you need to know to get ready!
StarCraft II
Apr 24

StarCraft II 4.8.6 Patch Notes

Patch 4.8.6 brings a bug fix for Collection item description.
StarCraft II
Apr 23

StarCraft II 4.8.5 Patch Notes

We've got a few bug fixes in our latest patch for StarCraft II.
StarCraft II
Apr 10

WCS Spring: Tickets Now on Sale, Player Registrations Open!

Information for players, community casters and spectators.
StarCraft II
Apr 9

StarCraft II 4.8.4 Patch Notes

Our latest patch brings a new Mr. Sheng Announcer, a new set of Feats of Strength with new rewards, and bug fixes!
StarCraft II
Apr 4

So You Think You Can Cast?

Help us bring the 2019 WCS Challenger Season 1 Open Qualifiers to the community!
StarCraft II
Apr 3

WCS Winter Finals Viewer’s Guide

Tune in this weekend for the best of EU and NA StarCraft II.
StarCraft II
Mar 25

StarCraft II Balance Update – March 25, 2019

Changes to Protoss and Zerg in Versus balance, and couple of bug fixes.
StarCraft II
Mar 20

WCS Winter Round of 8 Viewer's Guide

Format, stream locations, and schedules here!
StarCraft II
Mar 15

Welcome to Season 1 of WCS Challenger

All the details you need for your chance to compete for regional glory.
StarCraft II
Mar 6

Congratulations to the IEM Katowice 2019 Champion!

A lesson in rising after falling.
StarCraft II
Feb 28

New StarCraft II Loot for Twitch Prime Members

Brand-new console skins, portraits, emoticons, and more are coming for Twitch Prime subscribers.
StarCraft II
Feb 22

IEM Katowice Survival Guide

Brackets, broadcast times…and Twitch drops!
StarCraft II
Feb 19

StarCraft II 4.8.3 Patch Notes

Please find a new Lowko announcer, a set of new portraits, and bug fixes in this patch!
StarCraft II
Feb 19

Patch 4.8.3: Lowko Announcer

We are very happy to welcome Simon "Lowko" Heijnen as the latest addition to our family of community announcers.
StarCraft II
Feb 6

WCS 2019 Details Revealed

Introducing WCS Spring, Summer, and Fall—plus GSL and the WCS Global Finals.
StarCraft II
Jan 29

WCS Winter Round of 32: A Viewer’s Guide

Competition in Europe and the Americas begins January 31.
StarCraft II
Jan 25

Watch the DeepMind - StarCraft II Demonstration VoD

DeepMind shares its latest updates developing AI in StarCraft II.
StarCraft II
Jan 22

StarCraft II 4.8.2 Patch Notes

Balance changes, bug fixes, and a new Trophy Top in our latest StarCraft II patch.
StarCraft II
Jan 15

2019 Season 1 Map Preview

We’re ushering in the new year with brand new maps!
StarCraft II
Jan 10

StarCraft II 4.8.1 Patch Notes

We've got a few Editor changes and bug fixes in our latest patch for StarCraft II
StarCraft II
Jan 8

WCS Winter Open Qualifier Sign-Ups Are Open

Three qualification tournaments for both NA and EU, plus ladder race details.