StarCraft: Remastered

StarCraft: Remastered Portrait Contest Finalists

StarCraft: Remastered Portrait Contest Finalists

Approximately three weeks ago, we announced the StarCraft: Remastered portrait contest. In the wake of the release, we were excited to see what the skilled and enthusiastic artists of the StarCraft community could create. Having now received and sorted through the entries, we are proud to say we were far from disappointed. 

In the weeks following our announcement, we have received a deluge of incredibly well-crafted art pieces, inspiring a wide range of emotions. We hope that as you browse through the contest's finalists, you are met with feelings of awe, uncontainable cuteness, laughter, horror, and more. After you check out the art, we encourage you to visit our poll to vote and determine the ten winners of the Community Contest, who will all receive StarCraft race-themed shirts, with five also receiving special copies of StarCraft: Remastered which have been signed by the development team.

 A Ragged Claw            Adjutant_f         Another way of Evolution          Infection     

  Banebust          Battle Hardened Kerrigan      Bone Hydralisk             Cheesezerger

   Dark Archon              Dragoon Fishbowl            Dwarf Protocol              Hydraliscious

      Ghost 2                        Hydra Love                      Lurker Birth                Maroon Dragoon

Mecha Hydralisk      RETRO Sector Medic        Painted Zergling                 Pixelisk             

Queen of Blade             Retrato Hydra            SO BLOODY REAL!              StarCraftZerg  

TERRAN GHOST                 Pizza Party                   The Merge                  Ursadon Marine

We hope you enjoyed examining through these portraits as much as we did! Please remember to go and vote for your favorite here!

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