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Which race should I play?

Which race should I play?

The topic appears again and again in StarCraft community forums: “Which race should I play?” It’s a fair question. Each of StarCraft’s three unique races brings different units, buildings, core mechanics, and personalities to the battlefield. That doesn’t mean you can only play one—in fact, the best way to determine the race that suits you best is to play a bunch of games with all three—but it does make “Which race should I play?” a question worthy of careful consideration.

We can’t make that choice for you, but we can provide a starting point for your journey; the rest is up to you.


  • You believe adaptability and resilience are the most important traits an army can have.
  • You want the flexibility to choose between mobile and static gameplay styles—to control many groups of agile Marines and Medics, say, or to inch inexorably across the map with a powerful Siege Tank line.
  • You think honor is less important than getting results.
  • Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan are your favorite characters.
  • You root for the humans in science fiction films.
  • You think soldiers in mechanized body armor are cool.
  • You like the idea of buildings that pick up and float around the map.
  • Your idea of a fun summer activity is a Zergling barbecue.

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  • You believe discipline and advanced technology are the secret to military success.
  • You want to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponent with a diverse cast of devastating units like Reavers, Carriers, and High Templar.
  • You think dying honorably is better than surviving through cowardice.
  • Tassadar and Fenix are your favorite characters.
  • You root for the ancient, noble alien civilization in science fiction films.
  • You think storms of potent psionic energy are super rad.
  • You like the idea of durable units with swift-regenerating shields.
  • Watching a Dragoon try to cross a bridge makes your heart melt.

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  • You believe mobility and vast numbers can overwhelm any foe.
  • You want to surround and out-position your enemies with swarms of mobile units, like Zerglings, Mutalisks, and Ultralisks.
  • You think war is simply survival of the fittest.
  • The Overmind and the Queen of Blades are your favorite characters.
  • You root for the alien monsters in science fiction films.
  • You think hyper-evolved biological killing machines are neat.
  • You like the idea of units that burst from the ground to ambush unsuspecting foes.
  • You speak Overlord. (“Graaallghhub? Graaaawlughhb!”)

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