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Choose Your Mythic Skin with the New Mythic Shop

Choose Your Mythic Skin with the New Mythic Shop

Mythic hero skins are the ultimate customization for heroes in Overwatch 2. Every Mythic hero skin is uniquely crafted to push the limits in artwork, animation, and effects. Players have had the chance to Dragon Blade in high-tech style with Cyberdemon Genji, conquer the galaxy with Infinite Emperor Sigma, and save Overland with Adventurer Tracer. Now, whether you are coming back for a new season or are a brand-new player, you can collect the Mythic hero skins for your favorite heroes and level up with the customizations you want in the all-new Mythic Shop. We’re excited to give you the choice of what Mythic skins you want to collect, and this update is just the start as we continue to evolve Mythic cosmetics.

Keep reading how you can progress through the Premium Battle Pass and earn your way to your next Mythic skin.

Collect New Mythic Prisms in the Premium Battle Pass

We’re giving you the choice to select your own Mythic Hero skin. Whether you are adding the new Vengeance Mercy Mythic, or getting a skin for one of your favorite heroes, you get to pick what Mythic hero skin to unlock by collecting Mythic Prisms. The best way to get Mythic Prisms is by collecting them as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass. Here’s how it will work.

Starting on Tier 8, you’ll collect 8 Mythic Prisms every 10 tiers until Tier 78. At Tier 48, you’ll be able to unlock the base level of Mythic hero skin that you want to collect and can unlock more customization levels every time you earn 10 Mythic Prisms. Once you complete Tier 78 of your Premium Battle Pass, you’ll earn enough Mythic Prisms to unlock the remaining customization levels for your Mythic hero skin.  Completing your Premium Battle Pass every season is the best way to earning Mythic Prisms, allowing you to unlock the choice of your next Mythic hero skin and all of that skin’s customizations every season.


Choose Your Mythic

Mythic Prisms can be redeemed in the Mythic Shop, dedicated entirely to collecting Mythic hero skins. Each season, you can spend your Mythic Prisms on the newest Mythic hero skin released that season or choose from your favorite Mythic hero skins released in earlier seasons.

Right now, you can be among the first players to unlock the new Vengeance Mercy Mythic Hero Skin, which is the featured Mythic skin for Season 10. The featured Mythic hero skin for each season will only be available for a limited time to redeem—the length of that season—then cycle out of the Mythic Shop for the following two seasons. You can continue to upgrade your owned Mythic hero skins with levels of customization even after that skin leaves the Mythic Shop after their featured season ends.


The Mythic shop allows you to get the Mythic hero skins you want to get first or catch up from past seasons you may have missed. While not every previous Mythic skin will be immediately available, you’ll be able to pick up the Mythic hero skins from Seasons 1 through 7, including favorites like Cyberdemon Genji, Sun Deity Kiriko, and A6000 Warbot Ana, just to name a few starting in Season 10. When Season 11 comes, you have your chance again to pick up Grand Beast Orisa. Then in Season 12, you can have another chance to summon Ancient Caller Moira and add her to your collection.

Level Up Your Mythic

Each Mythic hero skin will now have multiple levels of unlockable customization, with the base level unlocked for 50 Mythic Prisms. Your base skin will include one set of customizations, along with other cool features such as voice effects, voice interactions, animations, or unique VFX that make you stand out on the battlefield.

Then, level up your Mythic hero skin with up to three more levels of customization. Each additional level requires 10 Prisms and will unlock access to additional cosmetic configurations, color options, and weapon styles. Skin levels need to be progressed and unlocked sequentially as you work your way to the top level and unlock all of the customizations for your Mythic hero skin.

MythicShopProgression_v4.pngLEVEL UP YOUR MYTHIC

We look forward to hearing what you think as we continue to evolve this new feature and add new Mythic cosmetics to the game. Mythic Prisms and the Mythic Shop, along with the new Vengeance Mercy Mythic Hero Skin, is now live with Season 10, so pick up the Premium Battle Pass today and start collecting Mythic Prisms to unlock the Mythic hero skin you want.  


If I just want to get the Mythic hero skin, can I just purchase the Mythic hero skin directly?

Mythic hero skins and customizations are unlocked with Mythic Prisms. The best way to unlock a Mythic hero skin and all that skin’s customizations is by upgrading and completing the Premium Battle Pass versus purchasing Mythic Prisms directly. You can unlock Premium Battle Pass with 1,000 Overwatch Coins or when you purchase the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle.

How many Mythic Prisms will I earn through the completion of a Premium Battle Pass?

You can earn 80 Mythic Prisms if you can complete the Premium Battle Pass, which is enough to unlock and fully customize the Mythic hero skin of your choice.

What happens when I spend all of the Mythic Prisms from this season’s Premium Battle Pass, and I want to unlock more Mythic hero skins and customizations?

The Premium Battle Pass is the best way as it always provides enough Mythic Prisms to unlock all levels of one Mythic hero skin per season. However, if you would like more Prisms to unlock an additional Mythic hero skin or customization, you can directly purchase additional Mythic Prisms in-game through the Battle.net shop or your game platform store.Can I only unlock new Mythic Hero Skins in the season they premiere in?

Each season features a new Mythic hero skin to collect, but if you don’t unlock it by the time the season completes, they will be taken out of the shop for two seasons, and you will need to wait until the third season to have another chance to unlock and collect that skin.

What happens if I unlock only a part of a new Mythic hero skin, like the Vengeance Mythic Mercy skin in Season 10, but the season ends? Can I still unlock parts of Vengeance Mythic Mercy right away?

As long as you unlock the base Mythic hero skin (first level) while it is available in the Mythic shop, you will be able to unlock additional customizations even when the base Mythic hero skin is not available. If you do not unlock the base level of a season-featured Mythic hero skin before the season ends, you will need to wait two seasons before you can have another chance to unlock it.

Can I unlock the level 4 customizations first, before the other levels?

You can only unlock levels in sequential order as you upgrade your Mythic hero skin. This means level 1 must be unlocked before level 2, and so forth, each unlocking customizations including colors, armor configurations, and weapon styles. There is an option to “unlock all” levels at once when viewing a Mythic hero skin, which is available, providing you have enough Mythic Prisms to complete the unlock.

Can I use Overwatch Coins or Credits to buy Mythic hero skins or upgrades?

No, only Mythic Prisms can unlock Mythic hero skins and customizations, and Coins and Credits cannot be redeemed for Prisms.

Can Mythic Prisms be used to unlock Legendary or other Overwatch content from the In-Game Shop or Hero Gallery?

No, you must use Coins or Credits to unlock content from the In-Game Shop or Hero Gallery (the available content that can be collected with Overwatch Credits will vary).

Can I earn Mythic Prisms from the free Battle Pass or through any Challenges?

No. Mythic Prisms can only be earned by progressing through the Premium Battle Pass or through directly purchasing Prisms in game.

How many levels of customization are there for Mythic hero skins?
Most Mythic Hero Skins currently have three additional levels of customization after you unlock the base Mythic Hero Skin.

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