Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Replay File Improvements

Heroes of the Storm Replay File Improvements

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve made many improvements to Heroes of the Storm replay files, and open-sourced our heroprotocol project in order to offer a leg up to those looking to write their own community-driven replay analysis tools.

The changes we’ve brought to replay files will allow developers using our heroprotocol to parse many more statistics and data points from players’ replays from game versions dating all the way back to the Technical Alpha testing phases. Some of the information that can now be pulled from replay files includes Battleground mechanics, Mercenary Camps captured, and Talent choices, as well as just about everything you’d find on score screens, such as Kills, Deaths, and Assists, hero damage, siege damage, healing, and much more!

We’re planning to make further improvements to our replay files and protocol in the future, and we’re already working closely with a few developers within the Heroes playerbase to find out what improvements will be most beneficial for community-driven tools. If you’re a budding data miner with your heart set on creating a replay analysis tool for the Heroes of the Storm community, then be sure to check out our heroprotocol on GitHub to give your project a boost.

Update -- Jan 28, 2016: Reddit user TheRealFarof recently ported our Python heroprotocol library to Javascript and made it available on GitHub, as well. We'd like to say thank you to TheRealFarof, and we hope this will provide even more options to community developers! Follow this link to check out the Javascript port on GitHub.


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