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Azmodan Hero Week

Azmodan Hero Week

"Drown in the tide of sin!"

- Azmodan, Lord of Sin

The Lord of Sin rules over a densely populated land of hell where both the greatest joys and despair, and the deepest depravities can be experienced. But it is never enough for Azmodan, who has set his eyes on the realm of Sanctuary, and now, the Nexus!

Azmodan is a master tactician and clever manipulator who trades in vice and corruption. He is passionate and plotting—both to very dangerous degrees. He hails from the Diablo universe, and in Heroes of the Storm, he takes on the role of a powerful ranged Specialist who excels at excels at laying waste to the opposition through the swarms of powerful demons he summons. You’d best be careful to keep this Lesser Evil on your side, though, because Azmodan brings his own sinister strengths to the many varied Battlegrounds of the Nexus!

For an even more in-depth look into this iconic Diablo villain and his abilities, make sure to check out Azmodan's Hero Page!

  • Azmodan's “Globe of Annihilation” [Q] has a long range and area of effect, so remember to use it as a tool to disrupt enemies from capturing objectives on a Battleground.
  • “Summon Demon Warrior” [W] can be a useful way to scout ahead. Use it to check bushes or areas without vision near you.
  • “Demonic Invasion” [R] can be used to destroy structures very quickly. Use it as a way to lay waste to your opponents Forts, Keeps, or even the Core!

"I am Azmodan, the Lord of the Burning Hells!"

Azmodan’s starting skin in Heroes of the Storm captures the very essence of this clever master of temptation!

The history we know has been reimagined in Azmodan’s newest alternative skin. What if Gul’dan, the Betrayer of Orcs, had not only indulged in Mannoroth’s gift, but also Azmodan’s gift as well!

  • Azmodan AzGul’dan - Gul'dan could feel the demon's blood coursing through his veins... Mannoroth's gift once set the orcs on their path, now Azmodan's gift would make them unstoppable.

The original concept art for AzGul’dan Azmodan!

Eager to show off your demonic mastery of Azmodan’s in-game? Once you reach Level 10, you’ll be able to purchase Azmodan’s Master Skin with Gold and take your rightful place as Lord of the Burning Hells and the Nexus!

  • Master Azmodan - The Demon Lord Azmodan is no stranger to opulence and grandeur. In fact, greed and pride are among his favorite sins.

Check out the video below for a closer look at six new skins that are currently in development for Heroes of the Storm, including Azmodan, Az'guldan Azmodan, and Master Azmodan!

"Cower before me, mortals!"

- Azmodan, Lord of Sin

  • Azmodan first appeared in-game in 2012 with the release of Diablo III, though he had been mentioned previously in the game manual for Diablo in 1996.
  • As with all the seven Evils, it is said that Azmodan originated from one of the seven heads of the great dragon, Tathamet, who was the embodiment of evil.
  • Azmodan lorded over the Realm of Sin, and for much of his existence, he held the desire to be the sole ruler of Hell.
  • He is by far the most charismatic and seductive of all the Evils. He takes pleasure in all things to every possible extreme. Azmodan loves vice in all its forms, but the truest gratification he derives is from the failures of others.
  • Azmodan is a master of temptation, of causing those who hold steadfastly to principles and beliefs to ultimately betray them.
  • During the Great Conflict, Azmodan once faced the archangel Tyrael on the field of battle. Tyrael bested him and stood ready to deal the final blow. However, one of Tyrael's comrades (Ardleon) called for aid and Tyrael rushed to lend aid. Azmodan thus escaped the angel's wrath.
  • “Azmodan created the demonic hellflyers after he nearly lost to Tyrael in battle thousands of years ago. The angels made glorious use of their great luminescent wings to outmaneuver the demon host and assail its commander. Frustrated by his near defeat, Azmodan began breeding winged demons capable of tearing the angels asunder.”  — Deckard Cain
  • “Belial, Lord of Lies, is the most elusive of the seven Evils and is a master of deceit. It is said that he manipulated Azmodan into revolt against the Prime Evils. This began the Burning Hells' civil war, which ended with the Dark Exile of the Prime Evils to our mortal realm.” — Deckard Cain
  • “The Valrous manuscript lists Azmodan as the best battlefield commander of all demons, having defeated the angels many times in the Eternal Conflict across Pandemonium and the Prime Evils in the demonic civil war.” — Deckard Cain
  • Azmodan has seven powerful servants, each of them embodying a separate vice. These lieutenants helped him gain dominance over the Burning Hells. So far, the only known lieutenants are Cydaea, the Maiden of Lust (Azmodan's consort), and Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony.
  • It is said in the scrolls of Malzakam that Azmodan’s land in the Hells is the most densely populated—that it is a warped arena of myriad sins, of both great joy and despair, a place where garish perversions are indulged to the extreme. The scrolls also suggest that Azmodan’s den at first does not appear fearsome or disgusting, but rather looks to be a seductive warren that leads downward and downward through an increasingly labyrinthine harem. Here, sated to revulsion with all the pleasures of life, one descends rapidly into a perverse madness, without any hope of awakening one’s rotted soul.
  • While Azmodan is regarded as an "uncanny tactician," he possesses a degree of arrogance and overconfidence. Repeatedly, he taunted his nephalem opponents by telling them what next diabolical strategy he would use against them. While his tactic was intended to strike fear into the hearts of the nephalem, it in fact led to many of his plans being prematurely revealed, and ultimately, to his downfall.
  • Azmodan can be seen in the Diablo III The Black Soulstone Cinematic:

"You thought you were so clever, that you had outwitted us all. One by one, our brethren fell into your trap, but not me. I defy you! I now know the Black Soulstone is the key, and it shall be mine. Soon, my armies shall pour forth from the Shattered Mountain, ravaging this world and all hope of resistance. My minions will find the stone, wherever you choose to hide it. Then, at long last, Azmodan shall reign as the Prime Evil." –Azmodan

"Nephalem fool... When the soulstone is embedded in my flesh, the Seven shall be as one within me! I will be the sum of all Hells—the Prime Evil!” –Azmodan

"Arrogant nephalem! My servants will feast on your pride as they devour your flesh!"–Azmodan

Since the first appearance in-game appearance of Azmodan in Diablo III, many talented artists have illustrated this master tactician. Below are eleven fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Azmodan, which were submitted by talented artists from all over the globe.

"Azmodan, the Lord of Sin T-shirt" by Justen Moore (Luneder) "Crusader" by alexdromero

"Azmodan, Lord of Sin" by VanLogan

"Azmodan: Fan Art" by Eric Wemhoener (Mortainius88) "Preparations"
by Csaba Szabó (Celebrau)
"DIII Fan Art: Yokozuna Azmodan"
"Azmodan – Lord of Sin" by Alexey Turaev (TheRpp)

"Azmodan Encounter" by Des Biondi (ixxs)
"Diablo III" by joe "Azmodan Will Fall" by Casey Fallon (FallonArt)
"Azmodan, Lord of Sin" by Jason Babler
Read his Q&A Interviews on Diablo III and on MAKEzine.

Azmodan’s villainy has left a undeniable mark on the Diablo universe. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lord of Sin, make sure to check out the following related content:

You can also feast your eyes on some official art and concepts featuring Azmodan below:

Azmodan and Leah, as seen in the Diablo III Black Soulstone Cinematic

Azmodan and Leah, as seen in the Diablo III Black Soulstone Cinematic Azmodan, as seen in game in Diablo III

"Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice… all part of my plan!"

We hope you’re enjoying our demon-filled Azmodan Hero Week! What aspect is your favorite indulgence so far, and what else are you looking forward to learning about the Lord of Sin? Let us know in the comments below!

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