Heroes of the Storm

Gameplay Responsiveness Update

Gameplay Responsiveness Update

In Heroes of the Storm, the responsiveness of commands you give to your hero can be the difference between nailing your skill shot and misfiring on a critical ability. In other words, you want the game to respond as immediately as possible any time you click the mouse or press a button on the keyboard. Early on in the Technical Alpha we started receiving feedback from players that we had more work to do in this area. We immediately got to work to investigate and improve the situation.

We began by analyzing the time the game engine took to process commands from the point of input to the moment your hero reacted. Through this research we found several areas where we could reduce this “command latency." We used that research to make significant changes to the game engine to improve the overall responsiveness of the game. After extensive testing, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been able to roll these improvements out in our most recent release of the Technical Alpha. In our internal testing using built-in diagnostic tools, we’ve found that in some cases command responsiveness has been improved by up to 70%. This should result in the game feeling more "snappy" or "crisp" compared to earlier versions of the Technical Alpha.

These changes combined with the roll out of new regional game servers around the world are just a couple ways we have been working to improve your gameplay experience in Heroes of the Storm. We appreciate your feedback in this area, and look forward to hearing about your more responsive battles in the Nexus!

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