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Stitches Hero Week

"Stitches play too rough... It okay. Corpse plaything too!"

- Stitches, Terror of Darkshire

You’d best take care when traversing the shadowed trails of Duskwood in Warcraft universe. Ever since Abercrombie the Embalmer unleashed his abomination upon Darkshire, Stitches has wandered the road aimlessly, hungering for the flesh of low level Alliance players. Lucky for him, the Nexus has a diverse smorgasbord of Heroes to available appease his endless appetite!

In Heroes of the Storm, Stitches takes on the role of a Warrior who is a durable melee Hero who specializes in initiating fights and protecting his allies with his massive form. This grotesque abomination is definitely a Hero that you want by your side as you seek to overcome your opponents in the Nexus!



  • Target: Direction, Area: Direction Selected, Straight Line. Connects with first target hit.
  • Pulls the first target hit towards you.


  • Target: Point and Click, Area: Cone in front of Stitches
  • Damage enemies in an area.


  • Target: Enemy Heroes, Minions, and Neutral Mercenaries Area: Single Cast
  • Damage an enemy and restore health

Vile Gas

  • Target: Auto-Cast, Area: AoE surrounding Stitches
  • When Stitches is struck, he emits a cloud that damages enemies.
Heroic Abilities

Putrid Bile

  • Target: Activate, Area: Area of effect based off of Stitches’ location
  • Emit bile that slows and damages enemies in your path.


  • Target: Enemy Hero, Area: Stitches’ location
  • Imprison an enemy in your stomach for a short time.

  • Stitches’ “Hook” [Q] ability provides an opportunity to disrupt enemies from securing objectives. For example, use Hook to pull opponents away from capturing the Shrine on Dragon Shire.

  • Use “Devour” [E] to keep your Health pool at a safe level.

  • If the opposing team has multiple melee heroes, consider taking “Putrid Bile” [R] to help slow them down for your team’s assassin to pick them off.

"Stitches not just piece of meat, you know."

Stitches hungers for Heroes to play with in the Nexus, and his starting skin in Heroes of the Storm ensures that you’ll be looking your best when you hook them to your side!

Stitches is an abomination of many talents, and if this alternative skin shows off that he’s a cut above the competition! He prepares eggs with such grace!

  • Chef Stitches - What? Everybody needs a day job... Just don't order the "veal."

If putting a little terror into the heart of the Nexus is more your style, check out this alternative skin, complete with working chainsaw!

  • Psycho Stitches - The Crystal Lake of Elwynn Forest hides a horrifying secret beneath the depths of its murky waters...

Eager to show off your prowess with Stitches in-game? Once you reach Level 10, you’ll be able to purchase Stitches’ Master Skin with Gold and take your rightful place as King of the Nexus!

  • Master Stitches - Stitches no bozo... Stitches king!

"Darkshire! I hunger!"

- Stitches, Terror of Darkshire

  • Undead abominations first appeared in 2003 with the release of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. They are composed of mounds of corpses which have been cobbled together into terrifying (and often putrid) constructs.

  • In World of Warcraft, Abercrombie the Embalmer created Stitches as a "gift" for Lord Ello Ebonlocke, the mayor of Darkshire sending the abomination out to terrorize the town..

  • Stitches spawns after a player completes a long quest chain in Duskwood, ending with the quest "The Embalmer's Revenge". He is taken down by the player--with help of The Night Watch.

"Stitches have three arms. Two for killing. One for scratching." –Stitches

"Stitches eat herbalist once. Was minty fresh for days." –Stitches

"Stitches all that and a bag of limbs." –Stitches

"Last winter human crawl into my tummy to stay warm. Stitches feel violated!" - Stitches

"Stitches is complex creature. Made of many parts." –Stitches

"Stitches like food that fight back." –Stitches


Since the first appearance of the abominations in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, many talented artists have sought to illustrate these grotesque and horrific constructs. Below are fourteen fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Stitches and other abominations, which were submitted by talented artists from around the globe.

"Loading Screen for the Mod Forsaken Bastion’s Fall" by Markus Erdt (Vaejoun)
"Undead" by Adam Frizzell "Stitches the Abomination" by Hoodoosteve

"Abomination" by Lee Chang Ich (Jade GrayBOX)

"Abomination" by Lutsukh Chandmani (Lutaa) "Warcraft - Abomination" by atryl "Abomination" by Ralf van der Hoeven "Stitches: The Terror of Darkshire" by BigDub
"Caution… Abomination" by Rephisto
"Undead Victory" by Austen Mengler (LordNetsua) "Abomination" by Aralei

"Abomination" by Son Kwang Jea

"Abomination" by Neil Craig (Forbison) "Abomination" by Joachim Barrum (Joachim)

Stitches may only have a brief appearance in World of Warcraft but he has certainly made an impact on the many unfortunate members of the Alliance that have dared to cross his path in Duskwood and the town of Darkshire.

If you’re interested in learning more about Stitches and his abomination kin, make sure to check out the following related content:

You can check out some official art featuring Stitches and other abominations below:

An Abomination’s In-Game Unit, as Seen in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Abercrombie and Stitches, as Seen in World of Warcraft
Stitches, as Seen in Duskwood in World of Warcraft

"Stitches gonna kill them till they die."

We hope you’re enjoying our sinister Stitches Hero Week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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