Announcing Perils in Paradise, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion

Announcing Perils in Paradise, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion


Perils in Paradise

Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion

That old scamp Marin has put his questing days behind him and is setting off on a new adventure: resort management! Tucked away in the beautiful Spiral Isles, The Marin is Azeroth’s newest vacation getaway, and it has everything: exciting entertainment, tourist traps, and even some of Marin’s old pirate buddies. Get packed and plan your itinerary, it’s nearly time for Perils in Paradise.

Perils in Paradise launches on July 23, with 145 new cards! You can find the Perils in Paradise reveal schedule and all cards that have already been revealed by visiting the official Card Library. Check back often for more fun in the sun!


New Keyword: Tourist

The Marin is Azeroth’s hottest new Tourist attraction! Each class gets one Legendary Tourist card that lets them vacation to another class during deckbuilding. Put your Tourist into your deck and their destination class’s Perils in Paradise cards get instantly added to the deckbuilding interface, letting you put them into your deck like your main class cards—except for the destination class’s Tourist card; just one vacation at a time.


Here's where each class is heading:


Refreshing Drinks

Grab a tasty drink and keep cool while you soak up the sun in paradise. The Marin has six different drink spells to choose from, each of which comes with two refills.


Exciting Destinations

The Marin also has all kinds of attractions around the island, including six special Locations you’ll want to visit again and again. These tourist traps even open early if you meet their condition!


Marin the Manager Login Reward Available Now!

Marin wants to personally welcome you to the upcoming launch of Perils in Paradise. Log in now to get the Legendary minion, Marin the Manager!* He’ll show you how to make vacation memories you’ll treasure.


* Limited one per account. After patch 30.6, Marin the Manager will be granted upon opening your first Perils in Paradise pack, instead of upon logging in.

Pre-Purchase Perils in Paradise Now!

The Perils in Paradise Mega Bundle includes 80 Perils in Paradise card packs, 10 Golden Perils in Paradise card packs, 1 random Perils in Paradise Signature Legendary card, 1 random Perils in Paradise Golden Legendary card, and the Hakkar the Houndmaster Card Back and Hero Skin!


The Perils in Paradise Bundle includes 60 Perils in Paradise card packs, 2 random Perils in Paradise Legendary cards, and the Hakkar Card Back!


Pre-purchase is only available until the expansion launches on July 23. Get packed early for a stress-free departure!



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