Qualifiers for Masters Tour #2 are Open!

Qualifiers for Masters Tour #2 are Open!

Are you ready to earn an invite to the second Masters Tour of 2022? With the Masters Tour taking place March 18 - 20, players can now register for one of the Qualifiers on Battlefy or fight their way to the top of the February Ladder for their shot at the $250,000 (USD) prize pool and points toward promotion to Grandmasters: Last Call!

Here are all of the ways you can snag an invite for the second Masters Tour of the year:

  • Win one of 60 online Masters Qualifiers between February 4 and February 27 on Battlefy.
  • Have a Top 50 win rate over 10+ Qualifiers without winning.
  • Top 32 finishers at Masters Tour #1 that don’t already have an invite.
  • Place Top 50 Legend on the in-game Ladder in February within Americas, Asia-Pacific, or Europe (see official Masters Qualifiers rules for details).
  • Be a Hearthstone Grandmaster.

Masters Tour #1 will take place February 18 - 20, and players still aiming to compete have time to secure a January Ladder invite. Be sure to follow Hearthstone Esports on Twitter and YouTube to keep up with all the competitive news you could dream of. We’ll see you in the Alterac Valley Tavern!

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