Off-Meta Report – October 19, 2018

Off-Meta Report – October 19, 2018

Looking for a change of pace on the ladder? Maybe you’ve been wanting to try something new, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you want to play a class you haven’t really tried out before. If you’ve been looking for something different, take a look at our Off-Meta Report and really shake things up with these decks, all of which have been making waves in the rank of Legend!

To find these decks, we looked for players that have been doing well, and picked out some builds from amongst the top performers. We only selected decks that were played in 50 or more games at Legend level.

Resurrect Priest - 71.2% win rate

This Priest deck looks to focus on playing strong mid-range minions and resurrecting them in later turns to win the game. While many of the minions have Battlecry effects that place a negative condition on your troops, these effects are bypassed when resurrected, allowing you to gain the full power of that minion with no downside, usually resulting in a huge wall of Taunts. While this deck has plenty of value to close out the match, the two copies of Divine Spirit and one copy of Topsy Turvy add a little surprise boost for unsuspecting opponents who let their guard down.


Star Aligner Druid - 67.3% win rate 

While Druid has a lot of defensive options to bring a game to its end, this deck chooses to try and win in a whole new way -  Star Aligner! This build has several different 7-health minions to help set up your combo. Use Carnivorous Cube on Injured Blademaster, Mossy Horror, or Charged Devilsaur to hold two 7-health minions up your sleeve, then as soon as you are set, release your combo and leave your opponent seeing stars!


Tempo Rogue - 66% win rate

This Rogue deck is similar to other builds we have seen in the past with options to keep up the aggression and tempo. However, this build has a significant difference. Instead of cards like Sprint of Gadgetzan Auctioneer, it goes all-in with only Myra’s Unstable Element providing draw. But with a strong early game push coupled with Fal’Dorei Strider to shuffle 4/4 spiders into your deck, it can easily end a game within turns of casting Myra’s Unstable Element.


If you enjoyed playing with these decks, or you’ve seen some crazy ones on your adventures on the ladder, let us know on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments below!

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