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Rain Blood in Abattoir of Zir

Rain Blood in Abattoir of Zir

On December 5th, descend into a most brutish challenge from Zir himself. For those wanderers that have already completed the Season’s Journey, this endgame pinnacle dungeon challenge awaits you. You will have 10 minutes to slay the horrors within and defeat Zir’s loyal Bloodseekers to succeed. On completion of each trial, an even more difficult challenge awaits…

Prepare for the Abattoir

Ready your blades, review your trusted incantations, and muster all your strength before entering the Abattoir of Zir. In World Tier IV, this challenge serves to test the most formidable wanderers of Sanctuary.

Players must have completed all Chapters of the Season Journey first, before flaying adversaries in the Abattoir of Zir. Once completed, you’ll unlock a recipe to craft a Bloodforged Sigil. Craft this at the Occultist to spawn the Visceral Channel in Ked Bardu which grants access to the Abattoir.

The Abattoir will be the hardest challenge you’ve seen in Season of Blood—the viscera will rain from above as you fight as fast as possible to staunch the Zir’s legions in this pinnacle dungeon. You will only have 10 minutes to clear enough enemies to summon the final Bloodseekers, and slay them to emerge bloodstained and triumphant.

Upon successfully completing each tier of the Abattoir of Zir, you’ll gain a recipe to craft the next tier’s Bloodforged Sigil. Completing the first tier of Abattoir of Zir unlocks the Unique Glyph: Tears of Blood.

Tears of Blood Glyph

The more you thirst, the more you will understand. The Tears of Blood Glyph is essential to conquering the various profligates dwelling in the Abattoir.

A high price is demanded for a Glyph of such strength. The Tears of Blood Glyph requires significantly more experience to upgrade it compared to a typical Paragon Glyph. Fortunately, delving deeper into the Abattoir of Zir can net tremendous sums of Paragon Glyph experience in return.

Descend to new Depths

The first level in Abbatoir of Zir is similar in difficulty to a level 100 Nightmare Dungeon. From there, endurance and cunning must be utilized for the vampire entrails to mark the evidence of your progress. Each new tier strengthens the Monsters that await, which only increases each time you descend further into the Abattoir.

The Bloodforged Sigil and Abattoir of Zir both go to Level 25, each increasingly more difficult than the last. Ready yourselves wanderer, you have much to see…

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