Diablo Immortal

Beat Back the Writhing Abyss in the Age of Unmaking

Beat Back the Writhing Abyss in the Age of Unmaking

Since our last content update, players have fought Treasure Goblins in March of the Goblins and Avarice the Gold-Cursed in Trial of Plunder. This next major update introduces powerful Runes, haunting Abyssal Verge and Erebban game modes, new Inferno difficulties, Helliquary bosses and more.

As with previous content updates, there will be server maintenance starting on June 12, from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. PDT for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers, and on June 13, from 1 a.m.–3 a.m. PDT for servers in the Americas. After the maintenance has concluded, all items mentioned below will be live—specific dates for any features going live afterward are provided below.


The Next Chapter in the Age of Unmaking

Bolster your Prowess with Runes

Survive Terror Incarnate in the Abyssal Verge

Survive Castle Erebban and Reap the Rewards

New Legendary Gems

New Inferno Difficulties

New Magic Affixes

Stormbrewed Oddities Phantom Gallery

Resonance System Updates

New Helliquary Bosses

Purge the Darkness in the Nightmare Manifest Limited-Time Event

New Legendary Items

Prophet’s Progeny Phantom Market

Relive Completed Quests

Find New Tomes of the Adventurer’s Chronicle

Tempest Storms into Survivor’s Bane Updates

Returning Events

Feature Updates

Bug Fixes

Courage Prospers in The Next Chapter of The Age of Unmaking

Since Terror Rifts and Oblivion Pillars began wreaking havoc on the lands of Sanctuary, a new type of malice has appeared to take its place. The legions of Burning Hells are not resting idle until their Dark Lord‘s return; they are perpetrating malicious deeds for his imminent arrival.

The Abyssal Verge and Erebban lure you forth; dare to survive the creeping dark and you could be rewarded handsomely with powerful Runes.

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Bolster your Prowess with Runes

Though the return of the Lord of Terror is nigh, Sanctuary’s greatest minds are desperate to avoid the doom that creeps in from the world’s edges, and in their frantic search they’ve uncovered powerful magic, leading them to untold discoveries of awesome power. Enhance your Legendary items by adding affixes to them with Runes, amounting to incredible combinations and possibilities.

The higher level the Rune, the better the affix that will bolster your Legendary items. If a Rune is a high enough level, it will even possess rare and legendary affixes which further bolster their power. All Runes have a category of item they can be used for and possess stats that complement the base attributes of those items.

The potency of Runes lies in the resourcefulness of the adventurer that possesses them, for they can also be combined to increase their power. A few Runes can be combined to increase the level of that Rune, but they must be the same type and level to be combined.

10 new Runes will arrive in this major update, with select Runes available to preview in-game of more to come.

Runes can appear as a rare drop through killing regular enemies, but it is said they are most abundant within the Abyssal Verge and the hellish castle of Erebban. Any wanderer seeking to master their items should seek out these deadly challenges for a chance at earning potent power.

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Survive Terror Incarnate in the Abyssal Verge

In the next phase of the Age of Unmaking, the gathering Terror Incarnate encircles your war weary band of warriors. Do you see faces in the watery shadows? Or is that a psychic paranoia creeping into your mind? Emerge from Terror Incarnate to claim new affixes and earn coveted Runes.

Upon entering the Abyssal Verge, a dark shadow begins to creep in, surrounding the entire area. This lethal presence will grow in size while you slay through the Verge: many capable wanderers have fallen prey to its encircling grasp before.

Slay demons as quickly as possible while Terror Incarnate creeps, seeking to strangle your every move. Survive the encroaching madness and defeat the final boss to win the day. Begin by going to the basement of Cain’s workshop in Westmarch and selecting the Abyssal Verge.

If you find yourself caught in the Terror Incarnate, you’ll take damage until you have breathed your last breath. Track your total kills on the left-hand side of your screen and view which bonus rewards you’ve currently earned. Once the darkness has all but covered any potential avenue of escape, the final boss will spawn in an attempt to put you out of your misery. Kill this boss monstrosity and flee through the portal to emerge victorious.

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Survive Castle Erebban and Reap the Rewards

Searching for treasure deep within this hellish castle is the key to emerging victorious. Make haste, adventurer, for the deadliest of demons stalks your every move. You will have a limited time to explore Erebban and uncover hidden Chests. Each Chest you find increases the amount of time you have to stay in Erebban, but it also increases your Danger Level – a measure of the challenges you’ll face. The higher your danger level, the greater the rewards.

Your Danger Meter (seen on the left-hand side of your screen) displays your progress in uncovering these chests.

Once you’ve reached Level 6 of 8 in your Danger Meter, the final Chest will spawn. You only have a short amount of time to search the Castle for the last concealed Chest, during which an Avatar of Terror hunts you down.

Should you perish within the Castle’s walls, you’ll only receive a portion of the rewards from the final Chest. Leaving Erebban will grant you all of your spoils. If you manage to emerge from the depths with your life, you may earn items that include our newest pool of Affixes, as well as new Runes for your trials.

To begin your hunt, speak to Rayek in Westmarch and complete a prerequisite quest to open the portal to Erebban.

Abyssal Essence

You can earn more Runes by collecting Abyssal Essence within the two new Terrorwrought realms of the Abyssal Verge and Erebban. Rayek has taken a keen interest in it; collect enough and he’ll be able to harness the power to craft random Runes.

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New Legendary Gems

Three new Legendary Gems are coming in this update. Each has the power to ravage continents or protect countless lives. The below values for each gem reflect their power at Rank 10:

Stormvault (Five-Star Gem): Dealing damage conjures a storm at the enemy's location that pursues enemies for 6 seconds, and continually deals 50% base damage + 203 every 0.5 seconds to all nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds. The storm also unleashes lightning, dealing 24% base damage per second to all nearby enemies and Slowing them by 10%.

To unlock the full power of this gem, obtain the following five Resonance Gems:

  • Viper’s Bite
  • Mother’s Lament
  • Ironbane
  • Spiteful Blood
  • Starfire Shard

Mossthorn (Two-Star Gem): Taking damage activates Mossthorn for 6 seconds. While active, each attack you receive triggers a retaliatory piercing thorn (no more than once every 0.5 seconds), dealing 50% base damage + 201 to enemies. Cannot activate more often than once every 20 seconds. While Mossthorn is active, damage you take is reduced by 8%.

To unlock the full power of this gem, obtain the following three Resonance Gems:

  • Lo’s Focused Gaze
  • Ironbane
  • Mother’s Lament

Lucent Watcher (One-Star Gem): Reduces the duration of loss of control effects on you by 24%. While suffering loss of control, the damage you take is reduced by 4%.

To unlock the full power of this gem, obtain the following two Resonance Gems:

  • Heartstone
  • Zod Stone

5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem Gift

We’ve arranged celebrations of the highest order for Diablo Immortal’s 2nd anniversary, and what better way to commemorate the event than with your very own Stormvault Legendary Gem. Starting on June 13—June 30, claim the 5-Star Stormvault Legendary Gem as a gift to celebrate the anniversary of Diablo Immortal.

This illustrious gem is yours to claim until June 30!

Must log in between June 13 – 30, 2024 PT with a character that is level 11 or higher. Limit one per account.

Modify Your Drop Table

From June 13, 3 a.m.–July 4 2024, 2:59 a.m. server time, players will have the option to enable a modified drop table for their Legendary Crests when running Elder Rifts. Once enabled, whenever you receive a Five-Star Legendary Gem as a drop, there’s a 50% chance it will be Stormvault.

Legendary Gem Trial

The Gem Trial has returned for players to come try out newly released Legendary Gems. From June 13, 2 a.m.–July 4, 2024, 2:59 a.m. server time, Players can find the trial in Wynton’s Grand Marketplace, where they can read about the Legendary Gem’s powers and activate a one-time use trial of the gem to see it in action. This trial features the new Stormvault Five-Star Legendary Gem. The Gem Trial is time-limited, does not raise your Combat Rating or Resonance, and cannot be used in competitive modes.

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New Inferno Difficulties

The depths of the Burning Hells grow hotter, and that chaotic entropy reflects upon those who wish to walk amongst its fiery halls. With this major update, we are adding Inferno I-III. You can access these hellishly difficult levels at the following tiers:

  • Inferno I: Paragon Level 300
  • Inferno II: Paragon Level 400
  • Inferno III: Paragon Level 500

Paragon Updates

Those strong enough to endure the inferno are shaped by it. Alongside Inferno Difficulties I-III We are introducing a Legendary Paragon Node to add to active skills within a given tree. The Legendary Paragon skill will go into a unique 6th Paragon skill slot.

Legendary Paragon Skills unlock at Paragon Level 300 and cost a significant amount of points to unlock.

These are the three new Paragon Legendary Skills:

  • Roaring Strike: Generate energy while moving or using a Primary Attack, and when full, your next Primary Attack will knockback enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 10 seconds. Primary Attacks generate 5% energy. Each yard of movement generates 1.25% energy.
  • Lightning Rod: Dealing damage to an enemy 10 times within 3 seconds causes lightning to strike them dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Cannot occur more often than once every 30 seconds.
  • Benefactor: Using a Buff skill grants a shield to nearby allies, absorbing damage equal to 15% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds. Cannot occur more then once every 30 seconds.

Our newest Paragon tree is called Harbinger, and it opens at Paragon level 300. This tree will hold 15 new nodes to customize your build. These new skills aid you in the ways of stealth, quick movement, and defense. Whether you want to avoid traps from monsters, move in the shadows, or stand against the fiercest strikes from your enemies, Harbinger has skills for all build types.

The skills Quickstep, Spree, Savage Urge, Fatal Urge, and Illusory Strides are among the best skills to use for Erebban and Abyssal Verge gameplay. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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New Magic Affixes

To complement Castle Erebban and Abyssal Verge, we have created many Affixes to help you master these two unique modes. These Affixes center around 7 unique traits that compliment any build, but also specifically make your runs through these new game modes more efficient.

The new Affixes can boost your skill range, increase your movement speed, maximize your dash skills, reduce incoming damage and more. They also can stack up to 3 times to increase their potency. Additionally, there are rare Affixes that take the base Affix potential to the max. Players can find these Affixes on items dropped in Erebban and the Abyssal Verge.

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Stormbrewed Oddities Phantom Gallery

The Phantom Gallery brings a powerful chemist, capable of producing concoctions that delight and draw the envy of your closest rivals. Starting on June 15, 3 a.m. server time, use Litra for a chance to randomly earn 5-Star Legendary Gems at Quality 4 or 5 from the Greater Masterwork Gem Chest, and more.

There are 10 items total, and each can only be acquired once. Each time you draw an item, the cost of the next draw will increase. Performing 10 draws guarantees that you will receive all available items in the pool. Plus, it earns you the Alchemist Contract—valid for 60 days—which summons an Alchemist Vendor that will follow you in safe zones and will give you a magical poison drink which mystifies your vision.

Litra can be purchased with Eternal Orbs, and any unspent Litra will be removed once the Phantom Gallery event ends on July 6, 2:59 a.m. server time.

Please note: the drop rates provided below are for the first draw only and will adjust to reflect the relative probabilities of the remaining items in the Stormbrewed Oddities Phantom Gallery item pool.

  • 1 Star Legendary Gem: Lucent Watcher: 74.08%
  • Familiar Contract: 22.01%
  • 10 Legendary Crests: 1.37%
  • Gem Power 30: 0.98%
  • 3-Star Stormvault Gem: 0.58%
  • Masterwork Gem Chest: 0.25%
  • 15 Legendary Crests: 0.25%
  • Greater Masterwork Gem Chest 0.22%
  • Masterwork Gem Chest: 0.18%
  • 25 Legendary Crests: 0.08%

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Resonance System Updates and Rewards

With this major update, we are making some changes to the Resonance System.

The Item Awakening System will now unlock at Gem Rank 5, making it accessible much earlier than Gem rank 10, in the current system. This should help you improve your builds much earlier.

Resonance Changes

We’re introducing a new Resonance System that allows you to use up to 16 Legendary Gems of your choice and unlock two new sets of Wings. It unlocks at 8,000 Resonance Level and allows you to slot up to sixteen Legendary Gems and provides Resonance at greatly reduced power.

At 10,000 Resonance Level, each class will also unlock a unique Ultimate Skill.

New Wings can be unlocked at Resonance Level 9,000 and at Resonance Level 11,000.

Dawning Echoes Gift and Changes

To celebrate the Resonance System now being unlocked at Rank 5, we will be giving away a free Dawning Echo. Dawning Echoes, which are required for Awakening your items, can now be purchased for 10,000 Platinum (or 1,000 Eternal Orbs same as before).

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New Helliquary Bosses

Emerging from the fiery gates of Hell itself, The Stormspawn have arrived to dismantle your bones.

Aeyntragga, Eater of Storms

The demon Aeyntragga has stalked the outskirts of the Cold Isles for centuries. There, far from Pelghain’s protection, villagers offer him tribute and worship to stave off his wrath. With the Unmoored increasingly occupied with the ever-roiling storms, he has ventured further inland from his roost within the Spiral. The demon’s ambitions will only end in death or complete dominion.

Defeating Aeyntragga on Hell VI alone or with a party unlocks Inferno Difficulty I (Paragon Levels 400-500).

Uthmaash-Ksarr the Breath Collector

Strange whispering mists roll over islets in the frigid Pelghain archipelago, and their inhabitants are never seen alive again. Horrid beings travel within: mistfiends, dead souls eternally seeking the breath and flesh of the living in a futile attempt to escape their prison. When they fail, and accept the mockery of life that awaits them, Uthmaash-Ksarr gathers them up. Though it can come and go from the mist as it wishes, it rarely strays far. Each time it draws the living into the mist to give up their last breath, its collection grows vaster still.

Uthmaash-Ksarr is renowned for its ability to generate a deadly mist, the longer it engages you, the more mist will blanket your every move. Some say that even the smallest spot of light can lead you through the darkness in times of peril.

Defeating Uthmaash-Ksarr on Hell VI alone or with a party unlocks Inferno Difficulty I (Paragon Levels 400-500).

Xekorendaag, Ice Leviathan

The people of the Cold Isles tell many stories. Those of faith, love, and honorable warriors are few in comparison to the tales of terror, of floods and crushing sea ice. Few tales terrify the children of Pelghain more than the myth of Xekorendaag. The legend says Mehrwen and Ksathra’s fury cursed the isles so long as their descendants remained on Pelghain. When the people began to brave the deluges and hurricanes, arrogantly building tall cities and monuments, a great serpent drove into their settlements, consuming families and carving the isles apart as it did. Reproached, the people moved their settlements away from the capital, and the serpent faded to memory. The myth ends with a warning of Xekorendaag’s return, reminding the people that they must protect their land and keep their settlements humble or again face the freezing of the seas and the devouring of their children.

Stay aware and evade Xekorendaag’s frozen state by making it invulnerable to your attacks. Blocking the light surrounding them may be key to victory in this boss fight.

Defeating Xekorendaag on Inferno Difficulty I alone or with a party unlocks Inferno II (Paragon Levels 400-500).

Morsagurei the Fisher’s Ruin

Over generations, a legend grew among fishers in the far north that a meager catch meant Morsagurei had risen from the sea floor to claim its share, and if one challenged the greedy crustacean, they would become part of that share. The younger fishers dismissed this creature as myth and a miserable excuse for failure… until their brazen peers washed up on shore in pieces.

The deadliest part of Morsagurei is its ability to re-generate limbs at an alarming rate… it will require a synchronized effort to prevent it from taking form once again.

Defeating Morsagurei on Inferno Difficulty II alone or with a party unlocks Inferno Difficulty III (Paragon Levels 500-600).

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Purge the Darkness in the Nightmare Manifest Limited-Time Event

Fight back the shadowy depths of your soul, and do not let fear betray your steadfast purpose. From June 13—June 27, 3:00 a.m. local server time, complete tasks in-game to earn Nightmare Tokens. Though nightmares are boundless, you can only earn 1,200 Tokens in a week by completing all available tasks.

During the event, Nightmare Tokens can be used to claim Gold, Enchanted Dust, Legendary Equipment, Legendary Crests and more.

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New Legendary Items

We are adding a plethora of items to become tools of your dispatching.


  • Bonegyre (Off Hand): Hammer of the Ancients now orbits you for several seconds, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through.
  • Cold Temper (Chest): Hammer of the Ancients also shatters Frozen enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and applying Chill.
  • Frigid Grin (Main Hand): Cleave now calls twin rime axes to orbit you for several seconds, dealing damage and causing Chilled enemies to become Frozen.
  • Snowdrifter (Pants): Sprint is now Sleet Sprint, increasing Movement Speed and continuously Chilling nearby enemies.
  • Squirmskull (Helm): While Sprint is active, your Attack Speed increases by 15% and projectile speed increases by 40%.
  • Writhing Mantle (Shoulders): Cleave damage is increased against Chilled or Frozen enemies.

Blood Knight

  • Drowned Chapter (Helm): Wave of Blood also causes enemies to Bleed, dealing damage over 2 seconds.
  • Lurid Tide (Off Hand): Wave of Blood now creates a swirling pool that surrounds you, continuously dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Perilous Harbor (Pants): Sanguinate now causes you to Dash forward in a torrent of blood, dealing damage to enemies along your path and causing them to Bleed.
  • Riven Reef (Shoulders): Tendrils of Blood deals additional damage when hitting a Bleeding enemy.
  • Tallyman's Pen (Main Hand): Tendrils of Blood also increases your damage by 5% for 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 15%.
  • Vein Seeker (Chest): Tendrils of Blood now fires a piercing scarlet stake, dealing damage to enemies and causing them to Bleed. Each nearby Bleeding enemy triggers an additional scarlet stake.


  • Bale Protector (Shoulders): Falling Sword also temporarily grants a shield, absorbing damage and providing immunity to loss of control and knockback. Absorb shield cannot trigger more often than once every 2 seconds.
  • Crackling Cage (Chest): When Falling Sword hits a Shocked enemy, it calls down a bolt that deals lightning damage. Cannot trigger against the same enemy more often than once every 1 second.
  • Flail of Verve (Main Hand): Falling Sword is now Channeled, causing you to move forward with continuous slashes, dealing damage and applying Shock.
  • Knoutguard (Off Hand): Spinning Shield now calls three shields to orbit you, blocking enemy projectiles and dealing lightning damage.
  • Lookout (Helm): Fist of the Heavens now continuously strikes a target area with lightning damage.
  • Scorn the Pawn (Pants): Fist of the Heavens also Stuns Shocked enemies for 2 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 4 seconds to the same enemy.

Demon Hunter

  • Bad Deal (Helm): Sentry now summons Focused Hatred that follows you and automatically attacks nearby enemies.
  • Bristling Execration (Main Hand): Each additional Sentry close to your Sentry have their damage increased.
  • Drowning Embrace (Chest): During Vengeance, your Sentry and Knife Trap summons fire piercing beams, dealing additional damage.
  • Malign Salvation (Off Hand): Hitting enemies with Primary Attacks reduces Sentry's cooldown by 0.15 seconds.
  • Sailor's Pins (Pants): Knife Trap now summons Focused Discipline that follows you and fires blades at nearby enemies.
  • Vigilant Spaulders (Shoulders): Knife Trap marks enemies for 3 seconds. Sentry damage against marked enemies is increased by 30%.


  • Empty Cups (Pants): Flying Dragon also conjures a tornado for 1.5 seconds after striking the same enemy multiple times in quick succession, dealing additional damage.
  • Humbled Horizon (Helm): Inner Sanctuary now follows you, increasing the Primary Attack Speed of nearby allies.
  • Thousandth Cut (Off Hand): Fists of Thunder damage is increased by 8% for each abnormal status on the enemy, up to a maximum of 32%.
  • Nest of Vipers (Chest): Flying Dragon now grants you Dragon's Strike, causing each Primary Attack to release a damaging wave of energy.
  • Ripcurrent Shells (Shoulders): Imprisoned Fist now grants you Waning Flare, causing each Primary Attack to release a wave of energy that Slows enemies.
  • Ytar’s Countenance (Main Hand): Imprisoned Fist also disables an enemy's Dash Skills for 3 seconds if struck while within Inner Sanctuary.


  • Bloodwrought Divinity (Off Hand): Corpse Lance no longer consumes corpses, instead consuming nearby Bleed effects to form lances that attack enemies.
  • Caress of the Forbidden (Shoulders): Corpse Explosion now consumes corpses in a target area, causing tendrils to reach out, damage all nearby enemies, and pull them in.
  • Exquisite Corpse (Main Hand): Grim Scythe now releases a blast of Reaping Wind, dealing damage and generating corpses.
  • Hemorrhaging Shadow (Pants): Grim Scythe also applies Bleed, dealing damage for 3 seconds.
  • Inscrutable Watcher (Helm): Corpse Lance triggers an explosion after hitting enemies 4 times in a short period, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Damage from additional explosions to the same enemy is reduced by 50%.
  • Jagged Chitin (Chest): Corpse Explosion also increases Critical Hit Chance by 5% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.


  • Breathtaker (Shoulders): Wind Walk now conjures slices of wind around you as you move, damaging and Slowing random enemies.
  • Deep Redound (Main Hand): Squall now causes you and your Zephyrs to Dash forward, damaging enemies in your path. If a Bleeding enemy is struck, they will take all remaining Bleed damage instantly, resetting Squall's cooldown.
  • Gloating Remora (Helm): Blade Dance now unleashes a circular wind blade, dealing damage and causing enemies to Bleed.
  • Howling Anchor (Pants): Crosswinds also causes enemies to Bleed, dealing damage for 5 seconds.
  • Ripperjaws (Off Hand): Wind Edge becomes empowered after using 3 Skills, causing your next Primary Attack to release a rending gust, dealing damage and causing enemies to Bleed over 4 seconds.
  • Slippery Shell (Chest): Squall also increases your damage by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.


  • Changeling's Guise (Helm): Scorch now fires piercing ice shards at nearby Chilled or Frozen enemies, bouncing once when hitting Frozen enemies.
  • Expedient Escape (Shoulders): Teleport's cooldown is reduced for each Frozen enemy.
  • Ice Spike (Main Hand): Every 5 seconds, the next Magic Missile becomes a Frost Missile, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Fractured Footsteps (Pants): Teleport is now Ice Step, dealing damage and Freezing enemies at the target location.
  • Lissana's Sorrow (Chest): Frostfield now grants you Creeping Chill, causing your attacks to Chill enemies and Freeze them on Critical Hits.
  • Withering Chill (Off Hand): Scorch Critical Hit Chance is increased against Chilled or Frozen enemies.

New Set Items

Prayer for Edwinter

  • Includes Hands, Feet, Waist, Neck, 2 Rings and 2 Bracelets.
  • 2-Piece Bonus: Your damage is increased by 15% when attacking Chilled enemies and by 30% when attacking Frozen enemies. Bosses immune to Chill and Freeze effects will become marked, triggering these bonuses.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: You have a 30% chance to Freeze already Chilled enemies for 3 seconds when applying an additional Chill to them. Cannot Freeze the same enemy player more often then once every 10 seconds.
  • 6-Piece Bonus: Dealing damage to Chilled enemies grants you Mountain's Breath for 12 seconds, causing your attacks to shatter Chilled or Frozen enemies. Chilled enemies take increased damage and Frozen enemies take massive damage when shattered. Cannot trigger Mountain's Breath more then once every 40 seconds and each enemy cannot be shattered more often then once every 0.5 seconds.

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Prophet’s Progeny Phantom Market

The angels of the High Heavens hear your cries – and judge them accordingly. Soar on ethereal wings with our newest Phantom Market from June 13, 3 a.m.—July 13, 2024, at 2:59 a.m. server time. Vestments befitting the Angel Inarius have arrived in Diablo Immortal! This Phantom Market provides the most illuminating armor for your bespoke adventurer.

The Cosmetic set includes heavenly wings which are affected by the power of your Resonance level.

Leave your enemies in a trail of ethereal light using the Prophet’s Progeny Kill Streak visual effect and illuminate your character with the Prophet’s Progeny Aura. Both cosmetic effects will be yours upon acquiring the Prophet's Progeny Cosmetic Set and can be worn with other Cosmetics. Both the illustrious visual effect and Aura will be usable for 30 days after you initially acquire them. Future Phantom Markets will come with new Ephemeral Treasures, so keep an eye out for those bonuses.

Considering items from the Phantom Market are acquired randomly per draw, we want to provide the initial draw rates for each item to aid in deciding if you would like to engage with the event past your first free draw.

Note: The drop rates provided below are for the first draw only and will adjust to reflect the relative probabilities of the remaining items in the Phantom Market item pool.

  • I'm Okay Emoji: 60.00%
  • Shardwarped Savior Abyssal Weapon Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Shardwarped Savior Spectral Weapon Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Portal: 3.16%
  • Walking Nightmare Emerald Armor Cosmetic: 1.77%
  • Walking Nightmare Emerald Weapon Cosmetic: 1.77%
  • Shardwarped Savior Spectral Armor Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Shardwarped Savior Abyssal Armor Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Walking Nightmare Emerald Armor Cosmetic: 0.76%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Ultimate: 0.63%
  • Prophet’s Progeny Cosmetic Set: 0.13%

For more information about how the Phantom Market functions, visit this article.

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Relive Completed Quests

Regale the conquests of days old; bask in the sunlit days of painting walls with demonic viscera. When reviewing completed Quests within the Adventurer’s Chronicle Menu located in Deckard Cain’s Workshop, you can now choose to replay completed Quests.

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Find New Tomes of the Adventurer’s Chronicle

We've scattered 10 new lore books throughout Sanctuary - once you've found them, they'll be accessible from the Adventurer's Chronicle menu in Cain's Workshop.

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Tempest Storms into Survivor’s Bane Updates

The field in Survivor’s Bane has seen a new fog rolling in, a tumultuous tide... perhaps a Tempest. The fury of the wind and wave are now available when fighting off the endless hordes in Survivor’s Bane. We’re adding Wind Edge, Wave Edge, Vortex, and Squall that can be harnessed.

Additionally, we’re adding a new Gameplay modifier to Survivor’s Bane. This modifier is called Boss Mode. While it is active, as you might guess, bosses spawn more frequently while in Endless Mode.

The gold-savvy have heard whispers of increased Treasure Goblin activity on their hunts. You may even encounter an entire horde of Treasure Goblins, but it's unlikely that you'd see them in the Shassar Sea.

We’re also updating the selection of buffs at the start of the match. You’ll have 2 chances to re-roll your buffs once the game has started.

Some new Items have also been added that give some straightforward buffs to your existing items, such as melee range increase or increasing fire damage. Additionally, Legendary Items that are irrelevant to your class will no longer drop in Survivor’s Bane.

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Returning Events

Survivor’s Bane

In Survivor’s Bane, you’ll begin each run without your character’s items and a random Skill from their Class. From June 14, 3 a.m.–June 21, 3 a.m. server time you can vanquish demons across three levels in succession—Shassar Sea, Ashwold Cemetary, and Frozen Tundra—to earn rewards and achievements.

As you move throughout the map, any Skills you have equipped will be automatically cast for you. Smiting Hell’s minions will grant you useful experience orbs that level up your Character. Each time you level up, you’ll be presented with the option to equip a new Skill, up to six total can be equipped—the Skill you’re presented with can be from any Class regardless of your Character’s Class—or to upgrade an equipped Skill. For more information about Survivor’s Bane, please visit this article.

Alley of Blood

Quarreling forces threaten to desecrate hallowed grounds, marking a point in the conflict between the forces of Shadows and Immortals. Demolish opposing Sentry Towers and dismantle the enemy team’s base by shattering their Crystal Heart. Imbue your adventurer with Specialist Skills for a tactical advantage, and guard and bolster your Champion’s Marks to claim the day. From June 14, 3 a.m.–June 21, 3.am. server time, fight alongside Sacred Guardians in the Alley of Blood. For more information about Alley of Blood, please visit this article.

Here are the rules of engagement:

  • All characters will be set to Level 60.
  • The Rank of all Legendary Gear and Set Gear will be set to 1.
  • The Rank for all Legendary Gems on your character will be set to 10.

Bonuses from the following are disabled as well:

  • Resonance
  • Clans and Warbands
  • Normal Gems and Charms
  • Helliquary bonuses
  • Stances
  • Paragon Specialization

Trial of the Hordes

You may be experienced, but emerging victorious from the Trial of the Hordes is the true mark of a champion. From June 21, 3 a.m.–June 28, 3 a.m. go head-to-head against another player while earning rewards and climbing your way through the event’s Ranks. Each player has an enclosed lane in which broods of demons will flood in waves—your goal is to cull the demons from Hell with steadfast dedication. For more information about this event, visit this article.

All Clans on Deck

The armies of the Burning Hells are mustering their forces for a ploy, most assuredly of nefarious intent. You must rally your banner, adventurer—call upon your Clan for aid to beat back the tide of darkness! From June 15, 3 a.m.–June 22, 3 a.m. server time, Sanctuary will need All Clans on Deck. For more information about this event and its rewards, visit this article.

Adventurer’s Path

The downtrodden look up to you, and to continue serving them, you must walk the Adventurer’s Path. From June 22, 3 a.m.–June 29, 3 a.m. server time, as you complete Adventurer’s Path tasks, you’ll earn Gold, Enchanted Dust, and Scrap Materials for your feats. For more information on Adventurer’s Path, please see this article.

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Feature Updates

Upcoming Server Merge

In our next content update, which is coming in about two weeks, we will introduce another wave of Server Merges.

Cursed Gears Optimizations

With the removal of Ancestral Items earlier this year, we are making improvements to Cursed Items. As of this update, we are removing all negative effects from Cursed Items and retaining only the attributes as a set.

Developer’s Note: Even with the negative stats removed from Cursed Items, they still will not be more powerful than Legendary Gear.

Oblivion Pillar and Hellslayer Bounty Updates

We are significantly increasing the drop chances of earning Legendary Items for rewards by competing an Oblivion Pillar or Hellslayer Bounty. This drop rate will be one of the best ways to earn more Items, and will be one of the best ways to earn Exceptional Equipment.

For Terror Rifts, if you don’t receive a Terror Essence from the first from the first 3 Towers you complete, you’re guaranteed to get a Terror Essence on completing your next Tower.

Additionally, we’re including a daily Codex task for successfully completing 10 Oblivion Pillars or Hellslayer Bounties which also has a high chance of rewarding Exceptional Equipment.

Paragon Tree quality-of-life Changes

We’ve made a few changes to the Paragon Trees to improve their overall quality-of-life. The colors have been tweaked for better visibility, and we’ve made it easier to replace an activated paragon skill without needing to deactivate it.

Additionally, you’ll be able to more easily navigate between Paragon trees with gestures when playing on mobile. Double tapping on a node will also quickly activate or deactivate these nodes.

Removal of Ancestral and Invocation Items

To be a more friendly system for players, we are decoupling Ancestral blessing attributes from Ancestral Weapons. Existing Ancestral Items will return to your inventory.

All gameplay that would reward Ancestral Equipment will now drop Cursed Items as a replacement for the rewards.

Battleground Stats Compression

We are updating stat compression tuning to better ensure participants in the mode are on a more level playing field. Players above certain health and damage stats will be affected by this compression while engaging in Battleground.

Developer’s Note: As with our previous rounds of Battleground stat compression tuning earlier this year, we aimed this compression at players who far exceed the average damage and health stats among Battleground participants, so this mode continues to be fun and allows more of our community to shine.

Battleground Class Balance Changes

The following Class Balance changes will affect Classes in Battlegrounds.


  • Skull Motte (Cleave): Cleave now starts at 6% and stacks 3 times, up to 18% increased damage.
  • Spartusk (Demoralize): Demoralize also removes all beneficial effects from affected enemies.
  • Decollater (Cleave): Damage of the first 2 attacks in sequence increased by 13%. Damage of 3rd attack in sequence increased by 25%.
  • The Last Wail (Hammer of the Ancients): Damage and Radius increased (both the hammer strike and the eruption).
  • Renitent Rage (Hammer of the Ancients): Damage per stack increased from 8% to 10%.

Blood Knight

  • Bloody Waltz (Swarm of Bats): Damage per stack increased from 8% to 10%.
  • Golden Scold (Swarm of Bats): No longer targets a location with a swarm of bats. Instead, the swarm is now centered on the player and follows them, dealing damage over time that increases by 150% once an enemy has been in the swarm for at least 2 seconds.
  • Fallen Light (Mephitic Cloud): No longer releases a static cloud of poisonous mist. Instead, the mist follows you (with a 25% smaller radius) and its damage over time increases by 150% once an enemy has been in the cloud for at least 2 seconds.
  • Venerated Closeness (Tendrils of Blood): Damage increased by 30%. Maximum Charges have been increased by 1. Stun duration increased to 2 seconds.


  • Conjuration of Light: In Battleground and Rite of Exile, the duration of the immunity effect from Conjuration of Light will be reduced by 50% each time a player receives the buff again within 16 seconds. (Was originally within 20 seconds)
  • Unholy Wall (Holy Banner): Movement Speed bonus reduced from 15% to 12% per stack, but stacks have increased from 3 to 5, with a new maximum of 60%.
  • Kehjistan Sunrise (Falling Sword): Damage increased by 38%.
  • Masque of Condemnation (Holy Banner): Attack Speed bonus increased from 20% to 30%. Duration reduced from 6 to 3 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 6 seconds.
  • Blood-Stained Cloth (Conjuration of Light): Damage increased by 65%. Bodyguard attack range increased by 20%. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds.
  • Skull Cracker (Falling Sword): Damage increased by 38%. Damage radius increased by 25%. Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds. Swords now fall faster.

Demon Hunter

  • Journey Abundant (Vengeance): Damage increased by 21%. Reduced projectile damage from multiple hits on the same enemy changed from 65% to 50%.
  • Yearling Kin (Vengeance): Summons cannot be targeted. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds.
  • Waltz on Shattered Glass (Knife Trap): Attack Speed bonus to Sentry increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Boar at the Door (Sentry): Damage increased by 40%.
  • Painsower (Strafe): Base attack interval increased from 0.2 to 0.23 seconds.


  • Noble's Path (Flying Dragon): Skill can now only be activated if nearby enemies are affected by some sort of knockback or forced movement. Activating the skill will teleport you to applicable enemies, unleashing a series of attacks and rendering you untargetable for the sequence. Damage increased by 11%. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 4 seconds.
  • Vedenin's Sting (Flying Dragon): Armor shattering effect changed from 10% to 6%, but stacking up to 3 times (18% max).
  • Fist of Aranoch (Flying Dragon): Damage per stack increased from 3% to 4%.
  • Roar of the Sea (Wave Strike): Added an effect where enemies are pulled to the center. Radius increased by 50%.


  • Ramshackle Scythe (Bone Spear): Larger Bone Spear that penetrates enemies without reducing damage now occurs 100% of the time (up from 50%).
  • Silvered Wings (Corpse Lance): Now fires 3 scattered lances, and an enemy can only take damage from one lance at most.
  • Craving-Bay (Grim Scythe): Damage increased by 20%. Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds.
  • Wraithstitch Trews (Grim Scythe): No longer Chills enemies, reducing their Attack Speed. Instead, now grants you a 5% increase to your Primary Attack Speed per enemy hit, stacking up to 8 times (40%).
  • Gatefysk Helm (Grim Scythe): Armor tearing effect changed from 10% to 6%, but now stacks up to 18%.


  • Coat of the Astrum (Lightning Nova): Maximum Charges increased by 2. Slight increase to damage. The arc now leaves behind damaging sparks when striking an enemy suffering from Shock status.
  • Vaetia's Resourceful Countenance (Scorch): Damage increased by 24%: Radius increased by 50%. The electric field no longer Stuns, and instead tracks enemies and inflicts them with Shock status.
  • Thistle Bloom (Arcane Wind): Maximum Charges increased by 1. Damage increased by 20%. Duration reduced from 5 to 3 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 9 to 6 seconds.

Helliquary Gauntlet Updates

A new Helliquary Gauntlet is being added for Inferno difficulties. Completion of all 3 difficulty tiers awards the Rimefrost Howling Terror cosmetic set including a Weapon, Armor and Portal. Will you accept the challenge and bolster your stashes with a host of rewards and cosmetics to showcase your powers, or will you let darkness and terror reign? Test yourself and reap the rewards before they expire on December 13, 2024.

Inferno I Gauntlet

  • Aeyntragga, Eater of Storms
  • Uthmaash-ksarr the Breath Collector

Defeat these bosses to earn the Rimefrost Howling Terror Weapon.

Inferno II Gauntlet

  • Peisthal the Underearth Empress
  • Aeyntragga, Eater of Storms
  • Uthmaash-ksarr the Breath Collector
  • Xekorendaag, Ice Leviathan

Defeat these bosses to earn the Rimefrost Howling Terror Armor.

Inferno III Gauntlet

  • Peisthal the Underearth Empress
  • Aeyntragga, Eater of Storms
  • Uthmaash-ksarr the Breath Collector
  • Xekorendaag, Ice Leviathan
  • Morsagurei the Fisher's Ruin

Defeat these bosses to earn the Rimefrost Howling Terror Portal.

Loadouts for Reforged Items

We are including the ability to unlock one additional loadout for Reforged Items in the Blacksmith. You’ll unlock a loadout for free after reforging 240 times.

Challenge Rifts Level Increase

We have increased Challenge Rift levels by 50.

Clearing the Cobwebs Bounty Changes

We have reduced the number of spiders kills needed to complete the “Clearing the Cobwebs” bounty in the Ashwold Cemetery.

First Kill of the Day Changes

For player who have created new Characters after the regular scheduled maintenance on June 13, New Players will have access to new bonus rewards for logging in during their first week of playing in-game. Rewards include 3 Legendary Items that will have complimentary affixes, unlocking new build possibilities as they level.

Familiar changes

We noticed that many Familiars’ attacks would fail, so we’ve optimized their combat to be more effective.

New Achievements

In tandem with this major update, we are releasing new achievements to be earned. There are over 30 new achievements to be earned across Duels, Runes, the Abyssal Verge, Erebban, and the newest Helliquary Bosses.

Hero’s Journey Updates

Hero’s Journery Chapters 1-6 will be reset, and players will being at Chapter 1 again. All Players will have new Chapters to complete.

By completing all, you’ll earn the Exalted Expedition Frame.

On release, only Chapters 1-4 will be available, with Chapters five and six arriving in a later update.

Codex and Conquest Updates

We are updated the Codex and Conquest in light of the recent changes to Levels and the Inferno difficulties in-game.

Shadow War Optimizations

Relative to your Guild’s performance in Shadow Wars, we are scaling the health of Sentry Towers, Crystal Hearts and Sacred Guardians along with having completed a balancing pass. When there are no enemies within range of your Sentry Tower, damage reduction will be increased.

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Bug Fixes

Looking for the latest round of hotfixes and bug fixes implemented for Diablo Immortal? Check here for all-platform fixes—updated on Tuesdays.

May your Runes be plentiful in this Age of Unmaking.
-The Diablo Immortal Team

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