Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Introducing Rivas: Bolster NATO’s ranks with this guerilla warfare specialist

Introducing Rivas: Bolster NATO’s ranks with this guerilla warfare specialist

After seeing firsthand the loss inflicted on her community by the Menendez Cartel, Karla Rivas decided to take matters into her own hands.

Available in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™, Rivas joins the NATO faction via the Rivas Operator Bundle. This nine-item bundle features everything you’ll need to survive and support your team in the jungle, including Karla Rivas herself.

Read on to learn more about Rivas and her run-ins with the Menendez Cartel, plus details on all the content included in her featured Operator bundle.

meet rivas

Meet Rivas

Full Name: Karla Rivas
Date of Birth: 09/14/1955
Nationality: Nicaraguan
Faction: NATO
Blood Type: B-
First Language: Spanish
Service: Guerilla Warfare

Growing up in a small village near El Empalme in the Nicaraguan region of León, Karla Rivas spent much of her childhood accompanying her migrant worker parents as they worked from farm to farm and plantation to plantation.

Some smaller jobs came and went, but the Menendez Cartel provided the true economic lifeline in the region. As one of the older children, Rivas was often assigned to look after the other workers’ children while their parents worked in the fields, like young Josefina Menendez, whom Rivas watched over whenever her father Jose Luiz left to tour the cartel’s operations.

while the cartel

While the cartel offered steady, lucrative pay, their ongoing wars with rivals exacted a hard toll on the locals who were often caught in the crossfire. Rivas witnessed untold suffering as her peers lost parents, grandparents, and siblings to the ongoing power struggles. She soon realized that as long as the cartels were making money — and paying off the authorities to turn a blind eye – the death toll would continue to climb as an acceptable cost of doing business.

After barely escaping a bloody massacre, Rivas left her home to join up with a group of partisan fighters dedicated to disrupting cartel operations and driving them out of the country.

Her experience as a guerilla warfare specialist since landed her on the CIA strike team led by Woods, now deep in the Golden Triangle in search of Russell Adler.

bundle intel

Bundle Intel: Rebel with a Cause

After years spent learning the ropes of guerilla warfare in her fight against the Menendez Cartel, Rivas has fine-tuned her gear of preference. In addition to unlocking Rivas herself, the Rivas Operator Bundle includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Barbarian” assault rifle Blueprint and the “Cableknit” SMG Blueprint. For melee encounters, unleash the Epic “Rebellion” Melee Blueprint.

in addition

In addition to Rivas’s default skin — “Smuggler” — the Rivas Operator Bundle also features the “Change of Plans” Calling Card, the “Braided Tomahawk” Emblem, the “Tinyhawk” Weapon Charm, the “Pattern Weave” Wrist Accessory, and “Between the Legs” Finishing Move. When your enemies see you coming, they’ll know to run.

Visit the in-game Store now to purchase the Rivas Operator Bundle and get started on your journey of vengeance. With Rivas around, it won’t take long for the enemy to pay.

Execute the mission.

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