Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Rust

Get the lowdown on tactics and battle strategies for Rust.

Rust returns to active duty in Season Two of Modern Warfare, and the fan-favorite map has lost none of its original shine.

This guide serves as a refresher for veteran players while newcomers can use the knowledge, tips, and strategies of this Tactical Map Intel to get up to speed.

Lay of the Land

It’s day 80 of the ongoing fight between the Allegiance and Coalition. Allegiance forces begin their fight near the northeast Front Gate while the Coalition team spawns at the southwest Loading Dock.

Rust takes place in an oil yard somewhere in the Urzikstan desert. The small but vertical battleground is home to pipelines, communication stations, and a tall tower that creates dynamic gameplay and expands the range of this sandbox.

In addition to being a standard Multiplayer map, Rust will also be playable in Gunfight. Its vertical design will inject even more nuance into an already intense and tactical game mode.  

Rust has 12 named zones in total. Some feature multiple levels of verticality while others stay grounded. All have their uses and potential for intense firefights.

General Tips to Master Rust

  • (Field) Upgrade to a Trophy System. Deploy a Trophy System around key objective areas and consider equipping the Tune Up perk to get your Field Upgrade faster.
  • The Low Ground. The verticality of Rust often leads the combat off the ground, but many stealthy plays are made ducking underneath buildings. Keep an eye on opportunities to go low, then pop up and surprise your enemies.
  • Climbing on Up. Taking the ladders is often the quickest way up, but not always the smartest. If getting above the competition fits your playstyle, consider all of the paths and favor those that give you access to both of your weapons.
  • Rain on Everyone’s Parade: Rust is entirely outdoors with minimal protection inside the Containers and underneath the Tower. Consider equipping Aerial Scorestreaks and the Pointman perk to earn easier high-level streaks and devastate your opponents.
  • Path to Objective: Most objectives on Rust are fairly exposed, so you’ll have to take a tactical approach to hold. Consider leaving one player on the objective while the others play around them, eliminating anyone who advances on their position. Also, a little Smoke never hurt anyone.
  • Built for Speed: While sightlines vary in Rust, the speed of play will likely stay fast-paced. Consider loadouts that are agile and choose a secondary weapon that fills in any tactical gaps, like a launcher.

Have fun battling on Rust, and we’ll see you online. Stay frosty.

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