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Blizzard at gamescom 2018 Website and App are Live

Blizzard at gamescom 2018 Website and App are Live

Gamers from around the world will be heading to Cologne, Germany next week for gamescom 2018, and Blizzard Entertainment will be right there with them! Head to our booth in Hall 7 for the latest playable content and some epic activities for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

We’ll be putting on another great stage show from August 22-25, starting with the Overwatch: New Content Reveal on Wednesday at 11:15 CEST. You can see the full calendar of stage activities on our “Blizzard at gamescom” website and brand-new mobile application, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The site and app also feature a catalog of items on offer at the Blizzard store in Hall 5—see the blog post for details. Attendees at gamescom can create a personal wishlist before the event to make their shopping experience even easier, as well as taking an interactive tour of the Blizzard booth with the app.

Those at home can get in on the gamescom action via the website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch by tuning in to our daily “Blizzard at gamescom” show—hosted by actor and presenter Naomi Kyle and well-known YouTuber Mark “Turps” Turpin—starting at 17:00 CEST from Wednesday to Friday and at 16:00 on Saturday.
The show will contain pre-recorded content as well as live-streamed stage activities, including a concert from the Video Games Live orchestra on Wednesday and the famous Blizzard Cosplay Contest on Saturday. You’ll be able to customize your viewing experience by changing camera angles with just one click.

On our main stage, VGL will be performing two concerts on Thursday as well as Wednesday, plus the crowd-favorite Blizzard Dance Contest also on Thursday. Omen by HP and Alienware will be providing some epic prizes for the dance and cosplay contests, as well as equipping our booth with some top-of-the-line gaming PCs—the latest content for Overwatch will be playable on Omen, and Alienware will be enhancing your Battle for Azeroth experience at the event.

We have plenty of other activities in store for you at gamescom, so be sure to download the app and head to to check out the full calendar and get your wishlist ready!

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