Call of Duty®: Vanguard

Das nagelneue „Reinigung“-Ziel im Zombies-Modus.

Das nagelneue „Reinigung“-Ziel im Zombies-Modus.

Eradicate the Augmentors from this plane of existence in Purge, the newest Objective coming to “Der Anfang.” These aethereal worms feed on the dimensional energy that powers Kortifex, and can only be stopped by capturing powerful Control Runes. But beware: the Augmentors will spawn waves of enemies as a defense mechanism as you attempt to purge them from our dimension.

Prepare to take on this Objective among those already available from launch across all arenas, from Stalingrad to Shi No Numa. Earn a new Sacrificial Heart with each completion to spend at the Altar of Covenants.

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